Capturing India

Kuppam Folk Dancers RNoel. Charcoal

Kuppam village on a bus

My Fav Sketch, taken from a real pic of village dancers. Kuppam (where my sister works as an Eye Doc) ;

Kupz as we call it, is an old village, once home to convicts and some “Sholay-Like’ rocky terrain. It now boasts an Engineering college, Medical College and Hospital, Park, gardens, new villas, lesser trees 🙂 – a lake and river swells and wanes…

The road to Kuppam, Andra Pradesh

It has an old palace with a real Rajah family – that – once – lived – in -finery : Kuppam nestles between the three states of Karnataka, Andra, TamilNadu, so you get this mixed culture flavour when you travel in via rail. By road, you cross dacoit terrain ( am not joking, let me upload a pic after I write this :), and there is this place actually called, ” Chikka Kalli Halli ” ( Little Female Thief Village).

It is still thick with rock, and now stone cutters, and the granite industry have taken over. I love the place because it is such a blend of the old life, new students, dress shops, cyber stores, old thatched huts and village existence, goatsherd and sheep, swank cars and party animals…

The Village person in me never leaves. Though so much has changed. How many cultures does one Indian today carry in their being ? I am half tamilian/Kannada, lived in some safe and unsafe places, travelled by almost every mode there is except hover craft and para gliding… 🙂

ay am glad for the friends we make along the way , no matter where, what. What exactly is this post about ?

Maybe am just celebrating all the culture we have, the different folk songs and tales, the lives we live thru’ modernization and upgraded existence. Deep within the Heart of this place, we are still so many untouched people, I wish one could uncover every hidden face of India

tempera paints. RNoel Boat Woman


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21 responses to “Capturing India

  1. SR

    Wow, photos and paintings are great, really inspired me.
    I like to listen to Ugale while reading and watching on web.

  2. Mohammad Farooq

    The pictures are lovely 🙂
    The write-up takes me back to the garmi ki chutti times in villages.

  3. Hey….I didn’t know you are half-tamilian 😀 That’s great 🙂 By the looks of these pictures and your post…this place is awesome…:)

  4. sumanth

    Melting pot…:)

  5. I liked the photographs n paintings used in this article n off course the village as well 🙂

    • InnerDialect

      Me too, love the lore and stories behind places and lanes.. you know, we always visit my parents and sis at Kupz, next time I must take more pics… like Ive taken it for granted… will tell Kupz you liked her 🙂

  6. Nice work. A very interesting post! Its wonderful for us to be a part of such diverse cultures and accept it without actually thinking about it. Its even more amazing how these influences come together to inspire us in what we do.

    • InnerDialect

      1.15 billion of us …… and each currying each others’ flavour, oh wow:) and thanx for being here, I LOVE COMMENTS

  7. Superb…..No more words to express my feelings. Great work. Congrats…..

  8. your work inspires lady !! Simply stunning !!

    • InnerDialect

      MySay – to stun you is an achievement uh, but thanks muchy

      • haha ! is it ? thats a compliment I should rather give you .. its for your posts.They drive me to your space very frequently .. although my commitments might restrict me to express on all the posts.

      • InnerDialect

        Thank you – I appreciate the time shared and given so generously here. Life is one busy thing, I know – when I first started blogging, never thot anyone would read this at all 🙂

      • 🙂 we all think alike when it comes to Blogging,I suppose,dear Rayla 🙂

  9. InnerDialect

    Heya Archie 🙂 you must be missing the teeming krzillion people here, sounds and curries… but make the most of where home is now, cuz there will always be people you ‘ll wish you had be friended, pics you will wish you had taken. I dont think India is shifting any place else in a hurry. My sis and family are in Muscat, they love it there but miss our madness :))) … I’ve seen the deserts here, Kutch, though cant imagine the miles of Arabian style terrain… send us pics !! And am so glad you visited ths little space. Thanx for liking this / and my paints.Blogs are nice, na ?..

  10. Beautiful paintings… I’m longing to come home too. UAE has been good to us, but it isn’t home

  11. InnerDialect

    Theres so many places we’ve travelled, esp as kids, even now – life’s so busy – often we do not stop to savour, or even take a pic. The past few years of my life, I’ve written or painted, only from an inner place.. now after we re located from Mumbai, house shift, everything, many pics and things surface,…esp the nameless faces and lanes among new friends and work… its all so precious

  12. Great Sketch with a very nice Writeup..India is a land of culture and traditions..The more we uncover them,the more is left to be uncovered…

    • InnerDialect

      Thank you Harsha – must say I loved your homeland pics too… wanted to use them, but would need a little back info… will get back to you…

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