Five letter treasure


The word followed me like a puppy,

hounded my heart like a lion, I let go, and gave in.

Okay I dont know the guy, found this on the net : walking sky scrapers for a living 🙂

What have I to lose except everything.

Yes I trust you…

and I trust the purpose

for which I was born…

for the first real time, am walking on that Word…

trust, dear God, what a world:

to trust You.

To Trust You







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10 responses to “Five letter treasure

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  4. A thoughtful insight …amazing words !!!

  5. Kramer

    Trust I think is very you – Innerdialect :). Hopeful should be good enough for me! I can handle that following me like a curious puppy which goes astray once in a while.

    • InnerDialect

      No no I do not turst very easy at all… which is why I yell about it. We try, see… 🙂 Its what Humans do best I guess, try..

      • preethi

        Its quite a point you have made…true and practical. Works for most people that way. Weird though..I work in reverse. I trust most things…would be fair to say everyone and everything till I am proved otherwise…which is most probably not in a good way 🙂 still learning 🙂 just another thing…you paint and write amazingly well…you are really talented. All the best to you 🙂

  6. InnerDialect

    hopeful is more what am thinking :))

  7. Kramer

    I trust you to inspire and bring joy to many 🙂 Trust hmmm it’s hopelessly fragile sometimes isn’t it?

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