If you don’t hate this, it might come handy…

Contemporary Prayer : May you be so blest you complain,

for lack of sleep and energies zapped, and the need of Energy Tabs, for these Blessings that overtake you so much they are cramping you out and there’s no space to park your  refreshed toes and new cars and the kids are doing so good their grades have got them promos and they’re yelling so loud with joy, the neighbours aren’t able to rest up, and they’re lining outside with the paparazzi for Photo Ops and Autographs and you ran out of ink and you ran out of breath cuz you and yours’ zapped the stratosphere for oxygen when you got healed of every ill, and sadness went out for a walk it fell off the edge of the universe… and demons went scalded -yelping into the black hole forever and there was such a do about all that, all you’re asking now is  a moment to catch a piece of quiet,

cuz it seems the sky just opens up with million blessings each time you make a wish, you’re scared to make anymore wishes, but Governments heard and Kings and Ministers are at your door, just asking that you would say a lil prayer for them too…

whoa, so rest up before this hits you, and I could not think of one nice thing to post  today, so I thought of a mere 10,000 what d’you say..





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2 responses to “If you don’t hate this, it might come handy…

  1. The photo was a big surprise! But unable to relate it with the text.


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