Why we fight…

It fills everything, your mysteries and mine.

What lies behind your eyes, I mean really,

and behind mine – will we ever know ? Maybe

a glimpse here or there… in the page we write,

papers we subscribe, or song&dance we bring home,

the things we do not say, or do not know that we know – maybe that

is why we fight, 

all the mysteries we do not


for sure..



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5 responses to “Why we fight…

  1. Wonderful write-up 🙂 That’s true 🙂 If we wait and listen to other’s opinions we can avoid fights !

  2. InnerDialect

    Terrifies me too .. am scared to look down from a high stool :))))))))))

  3. You have a thing for these cliffs and edges don’t you? I find it scary even to see the pictures 🙂

  4. Exactly what I was discussing with my senior cousin yesterday.

    I believe we fight cause we think our idea is better than other person and also sometime cause we want to rectify a thing so that we can continue with a person without leaving & moving ahead!

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