The Right To Be Cared For

‘ Shut up and sit down, ‘

” It’s not my Biz.’

Let sleeping dogs lie. Die…’

‘ It wont make a difference.’

‘ Hey each to their own..’

‘ Don’t you have enough work of your own… why are you bothered all the time about poverty, rape, food poisonings/accidents/ floods/fires/trees falling/ pot holes/bribes/..’

‘ First take care of your own house and then go clean the streets outside..’

‘ Hey just dump your garbage outside, let someone else clean it ; the neighbours do that too..





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12 responses to “The Right To Be Cared For

  1. What does being human really mean? Simply having the biggest brains in the animal species or having emotions and being caring? Because even that ability is the most advanced in us, along with our intellect! But we so often forget that part!

  2. That’s the full circle of Karma, like how they call it. 🙂

  3. InnerDialect

    Thanks you spread your own goodness see

  4. Good stuff!! thumbs up 🙂

  5. InnerDialect

    🙂 )))))))))))))))))))))))))animal with the ability to think

  6. Its human to behave like one … engrossed in the self made problems .. we do not have enough to think about others .. forget doing !! A post always with a strong message Rayla !!

  7. great thoughts!! keep it up! so precise and crisp.

  8. Great Video…Care for others make us Human..But we seldom do that as Human Nature you know..The World is growing so self centric…No time for others even for our loved ones sometimes… 😦

    • InnerDialect

      Ay, here’s the catch I think, if we cared a wee bit more about our hearts, we’d care for the garbage outside our own door 🙂

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