Bangalore city – suicide capital


23-yr-old engineer ends life. Reason: A crow sat on his head, News 

  1. 1 day ago – But the youth was not convinced,Bangalore News & analysis on  Anand committed suicide allegedly by consuming poison at his  He had told them the first time the crow perched itself on his head, he took to his heels.

    Anand V H was all of 23, and an engineering graduate to boot. But he was superstitious too — so superstitious that he ended his life on Thursday, all because a

I cannot believe a city engineer killed himself because a crow sat on his head …? Did you read that ; this is no village story, this is right here, and now. Sure Bangalore is known as Suicide Capital, but just when you think you’ve read everything about why one could just give up and die, this one is NOT GOING OK.  The reason : SUPERSTITION :a crow – symbol of bad things to come. Like black cats running across pathways, ladders’ bellies and … umm… owls. Brooms being used at night, clipping of nails after dark.

What else, wearing black at a wedding … but could you kill yourself for  fear of a bad thing they say could happen because of a black winged creature… 

A few years ago my relative just went and killed himself while his dad watched TV in the next room ; there was no apparent reason. Whom could parents ask ? Six months later his dad died of a heart attack and this year, his mother. We went to all three funerals and returned, not knowing what to say anymore to the little ones who wanted to know what was going on.

Today I had the honour of talking to a 75-year-old veteran, seen life, been there done that, a person who takes no chances, nor takes life too seriously. And yet, these were the words I got home with,

For pity’s’ sakes, get to know your family and neighbours.”

” That’s it ?” I asked.

” Yes.”

He was to the point and smiled sweetly as if he hadn’t just said something to me.

He did too, didn’t he..



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17 responses to “Bangalore city – suicide capital

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  2. your post leaves me with mixed feelings. for more than one reason. 🙂

  3. This is really sad ! This is what a superstitious upbringing can do to one! It gets as bad as losing courage to face the problems and taking one’s own precious life over petty things! When only will people understand the value of life? 😦

    • InnerDialect

      Tragic. .. esp that they dont see it as ‘ petty ‘… tragic that one has little or no self esteem. In that quarter sec that one takes their life / takes anothers’ life, am certain they are not normal..

  4. I read this tragic new too – must have been terrible for his family and friends. Just a few points to ponder on besides what all of you have written. News reports are unreliable. They need sensational stuff even if it is only partially true. The police need to wind up cases fast and are happy to let go with out proper investigation. Mental illness is on the rise in India and our mental health services are way way below requirements. But also all of us in society and the stigma we attach to mental health and psychiatric care stops people in need for accessing it, families from seeking help.

    • InnerDialect

      You so right so right…that mind curve on a graph, reading abnormal, normal…. tips either which way it is scary. The pressures we live under, the lack of education in some cases, prejudice and crime… everything just smashes into a statistic and FIR : India is second highest for crime ? Am I right ? Say ?

      • You probably are right especially regarding the pressures we ( and more so young people) live under. I wish I knew more but it is time we do read up and learn more about mental health, be sensitive to individuals and their families and remove this stigma attached to seeking professional help. I’m still deeply concerned that this case was reduced to ‘ He commit suicide because a crow sat on his head twice’ . What was his life like before, did he have any friends, was he lost and lonely in Bangalore?

  5. InnerDialect

    Its as real as a girl locked up because she did not offer enough kanya dhaan, its as real as baby girls killed because they are not the best offspring… heaven knows what he thought about that crow… it was an evil portent… its what he was raised by..

  6. My god! Is it real? I’m sure there must’ve been some other reason ..shocking though..

  7. I would prefer not judging .. but I feel sorry for a young life lost if at all because of superstitions

    • InnerDialect

      Its the kind of thing that screams for a consciousness level LACKING in our times… its why people treat others a particular way, its the root of casteism, dowry deaths, infanticide… the diseased root of thinking, superstitions…

  8. InnerDialect

    Depression already even before the crow. I do believe suicidal tendencies do not happen over night..

  9. I read that news..I wonder what is the use of Education if they can’t develop your mind..That guy was sick..I Don’t have sympathy for such guys..

  10. Its shocking to read about the crow and suicide and more shocking to know that Bangalore is becoming a suicide capital. Gosh! Our city is known a the fountain of knowledge with so many institutions, colleges etc. Are these people dumb to commit suicide for a crow or a cat. God bless us all.

    Good post.

    • InnerDialect

      Yes he got psyched that bad things would start hitting him, what fear and wrong upbringing can do, to tilt an engineering pro’s mind with fear like that ? The crow sat ‘ twice’ on his head, was his abs. worry, double trouble… I cannot believe it, but when you go deep into the story might find something more than what the news gave, obviously he just lost it

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