Mud Mirror Art from India

INNERDIALECTS : Kutch ( Mandvi) where I once lived is a place so so close to the creative centre of me, and this post refreshes childhood, for me > the fabulous stories in mud and in the sands… in the hands we have inherited : CULTURE is such a fabulous inheritance…

Life is a Vacation

Mud Art 06We travelled through the Kutch area of Gujarat stopping intermittently at different villages and towns to explore the wild, history and more often than not the rich art heritage.  While passing through stretches of barren land sans any form of vegetation, the odd bhungas (mud house) in sight would have beautifully decorated walls laden with mirrors. If you have grown up on Indian Bollywood movies you would recall the petite heroine in “Refugee” taking refuge in this art form decorating the walls of her home with a song on her lips while waiting for her beloved to come across the pristine white salt desert. After days of travelling we finally reached Dhordo, the last inhabited village on the Indian side of the the Great Rann ( the Salt Desert in the West of India).  A local artisan very gladly demonstrated Mud Mirror Art or Lippan Kaam as it is known locally.

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