This one is for You

This one is for you

and very esp. for Anisha, and  Mona K. For Dips and Bebe… am sorry if have left anyone out, but if it’s on L&L here -or any of my sites and you are my friend, or we read each others’ blogs, this is for you if you like it. I looked it up ‘ cuz it said   This is the best Commercial ever..’… what it turned out to be is something more…

May you find today, what you are looking for : Be it Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Peace.  You are awesome and the world would not have been the same without your breath in it…







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19 responses to “This one is for You

  1. loved every single word that you wrote here. i can read this post again and again, as a matter of fact, i have read it a few times. didn’t comment yesterday because i was not able to see the video. and thank you so much for recommending my post! honored!!!

    • InnerDialect

      I loved the opportunity to do so – your work is very inspiring I must say … appreciate that you would read here… Debajyoti thank you so very much.. love your blog 🙂

  2. InnerDialect

    Sure can – its such a little thing, and how powered…

  3. Wonderful one Rayla 🙂 Just loved it. Even a bit of love can save a life 🙂

  4. thats love when you do beyond doable !! awesome advert !! loved it !! Thanks for sharing Rayla 🙂

  5. thanks so much for recommending my post. pleasure to be here 🙂

  6. rat

    do i have to say anything? thank you for sharing.. very beautiful.. 🙂

  7. preethiprasan

    That was beautiful….can’t think of anything more to say 🙂

  8. preethiprasan

    That was beautiful…cant think of anything more to say 🙂

  9. Reminds me Talia..who passed away recently…she was 13 and an amazing make up artist!! The nation cried at her death.. She was brave surely 🙂 she faught cancer for 7 years..n taught me a lot about life in general too 🙂 nice post!

    • InnerDialect

      I first read that as ‘ she taught cancer seven years..’ what a kid Talia…. thank you for saying…

  10. Wow That is so Nice…and sometimes it really needs more than medication..May be a lot more of Love and Affection.. 🙂

  11. This is so beautiful!

    Thank you for sharing

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