Beloved, have you too…

 ..have you too been held long enough, loved enough :
‘ ..beloved…’, He said,
after that I saw with new eyes…Lord Yehovah..

( inspired by this  folkdance video & Frank Minnu’s Photography)
…is a young and talented artist with heart and eyes that capture a Universe so rich with creativity. These are a few of his Stills – each tells a story. If a Picture can tell a thousand Words, this is it. To Caption each photograph here, would be near impossible,
for the heart of this 19 year old, looks from within, to his Maker. “Each of us has a certain Call on our lives, I am looking to God to fulfill the purpose for which I was born..”
frankminnuphotography, bangaloreIndia


” Beyond what eye has seen or ear has heard, nor entered the heart of man, such things has God prepared for those who call on His name..”


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34 responses to “Beloved, have you too…

  1. Great Photography. Each frame is well captured reflecting a great story . This young man has a passion for photography and wish him all the best in taking his passion to greater heights.

    • InnerDialect

      I hope Frank M is seeing all this , and words coming from a Lens like yours – Vishnu Patro, God bless for time taken here… your own work speaks fro itself. Sometimes I have to stop myself from taking every other photgraph of yours, to post here, or Innerdialects. Maybe I should just get a good cam of my own and become a full time photographer… 🙂

  2. Wonderful photography! I deeply admire someone who can “see” the world and have the ability to capture it with a camera. So many people see the world but never “see” it, they never really pay attention. This young man does. Thanks.

  3. Awesome pics!! Especially loved the first two..

  4. Excellent with good captions.

    • InnerDialect

      Vimala Ramu ma’am – I think I saw your lovely work on indiblogs.. thank you for visitng here and noticing this post dedicated to new young artists trying on their own to find a place in this world. There is not much anyone like me can do, mine is probably the tiniest blog on ths earth – but years ago, one person ( from BBC) told me something no one else did. That I was worth it. And this at a time I was v young and raw… that did it. In my darkest moments I remember him – his name was John Fear and he did this BBC prog called ” What they believe”…. thank you so much for your appreciation

  5. Vimal Parmar

    Thanx for sharing these images Rayla…! I even saw his FB wall… Love the way he treats every frame… esp the one showing falling grains and that B&W portrait (on FB)… too good…!!

    • InnerDialect

      I wonder if he has seen your work Vimal – thank you for finding the time to comment here – honoured. Yes the grain one is my all time fav – I must post it here with the rest. Unsure which B/W one, will go thru his page… hey Frank Minnu are you reading this ?

  6. Frank Minnu, you have an incredible eye! Continue to shoot, to see, to grow, and to share your vision with the world. I look forward to seeing more!

    • InnerDialect

      Me too. Photography is that one thing that recently stand out for me – it is very real, extremely contemporary – and understandable… one never gets enough of Photographs..

    • InnerDialect

      And that coming from you Cindee, amazing photographer as you are – ( me jealous of Frank 🙂

  7. Wonderful captures 🙂 “Each of us has a certain Call on our lives, I am looking to God to fulfill the purpose for which I was born ” – very nice quote 🙂 And I wish the same for everyone of us 🙂

    • InnerDialect

      Truly – its that one thing that will complete us and the earth we try so hard to bless… its that one thing that gives us courage to face fire … its that one thing that keeps us pressing on against all odds – just to know, this is my purpose, this is what I was born to do, not for fame, or money or even ambition.. nut to excel in that one thing … oh thanx for highlighting that Quote Sushmita

  8. Captivating photography.

  9. InnerDialect

    Tender leaves, yes there is another, must do a larger feature soon…

  10. very talented indeed. I also loved another photography of tender leaves. new lease of life?. yes certainly an artist with heart and eyes.

  11. ” Life…. A gentle spanning thread…. Pulled shorter the while…. Ties emotions unseen…. Twists and turns…. knots in wired thorns…. Piercing deep…. Silent lies the cry…. Of the departing Eve….!!” These poor words should tell you Frank, what your photos mean to the world and me. Go out boy and capture the Earth, grow and grow and the transcend the stars. God bless you.

  12. InnerDialect

    Okay FrankPhotography it is, waiting to see more.. I couldn’t find the one with the ‘ grains’…. my fav…

  13. frank

    thank you aunt rayla love you

  14. Shobhna

    Wonderful and touching pics…
    Listen to ur heart…. U ll carve a niche… Best wishes my boy !!!!!

  15. The barbed/twisted wire is inspired. The trunk photo priceless.

  16. InnerDialect

    Yes an amazing young person and I hope he gets to see these comments, richly deserved…

  17. great to know and get inspired by this 19 year old talent-box .. the captures speak of the depth of thinking .. thanks for sharing Rayla !! 🙂

  18. Beben

    Frank Minnu is an excellent photographer in the making. I wish and pray that he’d get opportunity to get enrolled for cinematography and then do many a great movies! God bless him! Beben.

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