The importance of “Awe ” in creative writing





Jason Silva

(AWE INSPIRING NARRATIVES : Documentary film maker Jason Silva believes in the importance of awe to inspire humans. ” As mankind, we think in narratives,” he says. “Narrative is needed for this,” he says, “to keep people dreaming.”)


The Importance of Awe – ?

Came across this  above Post (.. we need Sci – Fi ?, along with other headlines and that of the royal newborn … so yes, if you are living in a world inhabited by bored teens and equally bored adults and tweenies, you will get this.  

Charles Lorenzo's photo.

Viral Cat 🙂

I asked my 13-year-old,  ” What kind of story would you really like to read ? ” ( I am in the first draft of a manuscript for Scholastics, and needed help).  Our second daughter is 13 – going on 21, is outgrowing her first and second crush simultaneously, is consumed with interest in her impact on society, needs constant entertainment, is a gizmo- analyst and bored with the Education system, to say the least.

She looked at me with sudden interest and said, ” Ma, write about scary things. About things I do not know, have never met… that you can also fall in love with ….”

See ?Photo

So now I know how Sci-Fi is a boon to Movie makers, script writers.. it’s the secret of Harry Potter and Associates. If I go writing a book about Sweet Sally the saint do-gooder, she and I will be kicked face first in the heap of boring Les Forgettables. ( gut wrenching ear curling groan !) / and that narratives must must must not stop at anything but AWE.

 Which is why this gets my interest  ( The Importance of Awe), as I go for my drafts all over again…

Narrative Ecology Framework flashcards

( Page 1... erases  “..the nice sweet river  at the shore …

re writes ………  🙂 …

” The boatman had seven arms and  a smile that  …”  



Awe-inspiring narratives

Jason Silva

Documentary film maker Jason Silva believes in the importance of awe to inspire humans. ” As mankind, we think in narratives,” he says. “Narrative is needed for this,” he says, “to keep people dreaming.”

… science fiction is important for creating the very mindset needed to realise human potential and to come up with game-changing ideas – awe.  Silva, who hosts Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel, focuses on the power of awe to not only inspire us, but in changing the very chemistry of our brains – and come up with big ideas. He cites the work of psychologist Nicholas Humphrey, who says being awe-struck reconfigures the brain, giving us a sense of purpose which pushes us to strive.

Continue reading the main story it’s about changing the story we tell ourselves about the future”
Ed FinnArizona State University. Furthermore, throughout history narrative has been an important way through which humans realise their potential…..

The Borg Queen & Captain Janeway in Star Trek Voyager



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9 responses to “The importance of “Awe ” in creative writing

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  2. Absolutely! My mantra for any presentation is- Shock or Awe!

  3. Should I stop writing the usual novella I am attempting? Just romance and No Awe’ed Alien romance or an Ogre to love! O_o

    Nicely written piece, and yes you were able to tell why the sci-fi with a heart are so popular 🙂

    • InnerDialect

      Oh no no never…. wait let me think

      • InnerDialect

        I can never write Sci – fi either…! See, Ive been writing all my hapy pieces, and they cater to a large audience that s needs the peace of such words. But if you re writing for the contemporay kid ( bt 10 – 17 ish) we’re in for trouble. Also yes, there is the AWE factor that markets are looking for. Editors want to be surprised, shocked even. I had to mail 5 pieces to a Poetry section, and asked a young friend to critique it for me … these were her comments :

        1. It hasn’t told me anythng I do not know.
        2. It hasnt shocked me either
        3. Too many abstracts
        4. It hasnt entertained or provoked my mind
        5. It should get me thinking new lines…
        6. If my creative writer at college had read this she may have underlined every other word with a comment like : ” so what else s new… ?”

        yes, I shuddered, but put my work away for a week. I wish I could post it here for review, but that isn allowed. Still, after the shock of this girls’ honesty, I thought, okay, Imust give this new words, a piece of my soul, a new thought…

        wonder if am getting across…

    • Wow! A great piece again, and you must thank your friend. We generally struggle within our selves and tend to hide the honest criticism ultimately… I have just joined a course (yet to start) on creative writing, but think my classes have already started! 😀

      Obliged to get connected!

  4. InnerDialect

    Ah Voyager still a fav ! 🙂 & …. ” making a leap of logic or suspension of disbelief..” …. oh that wraps it all so insanely good, thank you for reading this / commenting. shall remember that

  5. Nice post – one I can really understand because I think for too many people, the realm of awe (as readers as well as writers) has been replaced by this need to be able to explain every last detail instead of making a leap of logic or suspension of disbelief at times. This was what made the greats of yesteryear what they still are today.
    Oh and kudos from me for using an excellent image from Voyager, possibly my favourite Star Trek incarnation. 🙂

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