Just another four letter word ?

Art Works -M Bennett



Lyrix&Life : “I never dreamt I would oneday grow up to love human beings : ask people from my childhood, and they will remember a painfully shy creature happiest gazing out a window, doodling, running barefoot at the beach..

then you meet people not exactly like you, yet you share common threads. The world of Creativity has its extremes , It also has some stunningly beautiful people and one of the purposes of my blogs is to introduce you to them. 

Marissa Bennett  is someone I may  never meet face to face ;  the few times we have vibed over FB she has affected me with her beautiful spirit and that word ” HOPE ”  that she always gifts- through her Paints and Photography – through the words between – silent reminders that Life is indeed  to be fought for, that is there Beauty … .” I am fascinated by her Line of Art. It is New, delightful and  reviving !  Read on below for Extracts taken off her Gallery…

 and you will get a preview of a life well lived, touching so many others’…thank you Marissa, for inspiring me too in more ways than you can imagine..


Three hours waiting for dr. And X-rays for my back. Glad I carry my art journal..This is actually my”MathArt” journal  .
And this piece, which as you can see is only partly done, has been worked on over a period of these past six weeks…
I carry the journal, pull out a black pen, make a mark, and then ‘am gone.’
I need this tool (which I think I made up?) because I can’t sit with strangers, around noise, etc. During this last stretch, I just sat out in the hall, waiting for the therapists.
Thank God for art pens.

Cleveland Metro Park : MarissaBennett Photography

4 year old

Marisa Bennett

ABOUT CHILD ABUSE ? Don’t get me started on what I would do if I were God. That thinking drove me to the darkest place I’ve ever been. This piece hangs in Covenant Community Services, which rescues adult teens booted out of foster care system at 18..” Marissa Bennet.

Uh no way is HOPE just another meaningless word. It spells Life for me.Thank you for your being who you are Marissa, just the way you are, beautiful, and so rich with Hope,




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18 responses to “Just another four letter word ?

  1. InnerDialect

    Thank you Marissa for being here and sharing some abs. real words from a real place. I know what you mean when you say ‘ a blessing and a curse 🙂 its like a clingy babe that needs feed and attention all the time 🙂 yes, but I am there too… this is very personal, and when it expressive, healing, it is quiet and does not enjoy glare. People misunderstand artists a lot, and often I cannot explain things. Business mindedpeople ask why it is pursued if it hasn’t raked in at least some amt of money / month… how do you tell them it is your call… to be a journal, in image of the mind inside / of the times we live in. History is crippled without its art,its saga of wars and love and crime, or peace…Music, science, Maths too to an extent… spirography ( I loved that when I was little )… animation, movies, oh even cooking, and architecture , one of my friends ‘d say…

  2. Rayla, Thank you for your kind words, and sharing a bit of my art. I wanted to respond to a comment one of your readers made by saying this: My art is for me. I know some artists struggle with comparing the value of their talent, or if a piece is “good enough”, or how they may improve as an artist. These are ideas absolutely for foreign to me. My pieces are not made for anyone else, are not to make a statement for anyone else, or designed to sell, or win a critic’s heart. Sometimes, they inadvertently speak to others, are political (because justice is at the heart of my brokenness), are purchased, and are well-critiqued in the art world. None of that matters to me really. I ‘have’ to tell an on-going, never-to-be finished story of trauma. It is an obsession, salvation, and curse…

  3. InnerDialect

    My pleasure to host some of the world that meets my little earth; we do what we can to promote each other, when the message is of hope… thank you,best wishes

  4. jinksanthra

    great post 🙂

  5. TTT

    yes it is this four lettered word that keeps us going … thanks for the lovely post

  6. Nice to know about someone who is so Full Of Hope . the moment this dies .. breath breaches the contract with body and the soul frees the captivity of ribs ..
    The doodles are beyond amazing .. this is true doodling .. I wish I could see more of her work .. I am check her fb profile 🙂
    doodling is like meditation .. u hate being disturbed … and the shapes one above the other picking up their own life .. amazing !!!
    Thanks for sharing Rayla !

    • InnerDialect

      Yes, She is one amazing lady, and I shall tell her about you, another great doodlist ! 🙂 “Hope . the moment this dies .. breath breaches the contract with body and the soul frees the captivity of ribs …” oh wow Mysay

      • 🙂 I am glad you liked the sentence 🙂
        I ofcourse do not stand anywhere close to her work 🙂

      • InnerDialect

        Everyone’s work stands testament to a life they life, some of us are bold enough to get past the pressures of dancing to the dictates of Societal Norms, some of us are humble enough to be unafraid to say it like it is, even if it doesn’t sound or look fashionable… if it doesn’t get ratings and likes .. these are the things that really are noticed by the world. I mean take a closer look at freedom fighters, writers who wrote in asylum, people who died un- noticed, they did not do it for laurels or records – they were motivated by a love for humanity, or life…. these are the things that stand out – what we do when no one is applauding .. the real story of the lives we live….

      • for me Gandhi marketed himself well hence became the Mahatma .. others were considered no match .. and Nathuram Godse with his valid rebuttals .. stands hero in many minds of the date .. he who never marketed himself .. did his job and accepted death … without giving excuses or even asking for mercy !
        Neither of the two did anything for applauds.. they did to make a change .. they felt it was Mandatory!
        Who do we praise in public? Who do we praise in hiding?Choice is ours .. either be the Gandhi or the Nathuram .. in both the cases some will praise and some will criticize ..
        I hope I did not deviate from the course of discussion .. 🙂 conversations with philosophically strong individuals often sets my perspective free and while I may be told about mangoes .. i start discussing about trees in general 😀 Its always a pleasure ..knowing your thoughts 🙂 !!

      • InnerDialect

        Ayyyy U da MAN MySay …. which is the reason I love vibing with you, it is honest and real and comes from a quiet place, be it mangoes, trees, or forests or rice fields… ! 🙂 I ‘ve never thought about how Nathuram died, how he accepted what he did – Ive not even thought much about Mahatma Gandhiji – except with awe at how much we read about him. the impact of his life. Ive been fascinated also with Ma Theresa, that tiny lady… and the negative publicity of LAdy Diana… today we are rife with insane press too, and they all utterly stun, shock and drag me into their mysteries… their currents..the why’s and wherefores… sometime s I am scared to even look at our papers for all the news in it…. look at me rambling off course….

      • it would be great to have a cup coffee together someday 🙂 …

      • InnerDialect

        Ayyy what a cuppa that will be sir 🙂 We would invite you to a whole meal you know…

      • 🙂 Thank You and family in advance 🙂

  7. Very well said. No hope then there is no life.

  8. Interesting…assembles of picture is vivid!


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