Invisible Crime


Emerge. Mixed media RN

Emerge Mixed Media RN

I spent so much time upset about my neighbours’ rudeness, about intolerance and casteism, about rape and brutalities, about garbage disposal failure and cultural mean- nesses. Till God shoved me against the Wall and asked me for the nth time to forgive. To be good to those around me. Even myself.

So  took out my broom and rinsed scraped- swept out my life ; now  I stand horrified at the Unforgiven places of my life. How I never forgive, how I have played host to people I cannot say ” NO ” to, what a people pleaser I have been my entire life ! I saw that, and could never forgive, even myself.

Have you been there ? Oh just get out, get a life, no one asks us to serve life sentences like that. Some may ask, what this watercolour painting has to do with this post ? I have no idea. It just went together – belongs to a watercolour series ( sold) called Seasons of the soul..

Seasons of the Soul RNoel watercolour



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8 responses to “Invisible Crime

  1. InnerDialect

    Thanx Shilpi

  2. But sometimes it’s just so hard to forgive…

    • InnerDialect

      I know what you mean Brendan, but holding on to something painful is a burden we bear… letting go frees us. I am speaking from experience..

  3. Excellent painting by you!

  4. Been there, yes. And learnt quite a few valuable lessons, too.

    • InnerDialect

      These are those extra ordinary moments in our lives when new things begin…. this is where we break out in a rash, and startle our own mediocrity… hey thanks for being here, all the best

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