For those who hate artists

English: A palette of watercolours and a brush...

A palette of watercolours and a brush. Deutsch: Wasserfarben und Pinsel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An acquaintance we have hates Artists. He hates artworks with a passion that almost equals the Quit India movement. I’ll call him Dayal, and must say Dayal is a great mind reader, so he knows the vanity of canvas and paint. He understands the insecurities of an artist trying to make a niche anyplace in this life. When ever he visits home I shove all my work into any shelf or corner available, but he sniffs it out. He sniffs out paint and canvas like a bloodhound – for him oils, acrylic, pastels, water colours, glass paint, turpentine, paint rags, are pollutants, or worse. His eyes ache to rinse me from this evil : ” Write Ray, write. Get out the door, be real, do something else. Take a walk, count to ten, breathe, talk to humans, get a life. just don’t paint.”


Thresholds. RNoel

I haven’t really painted in a while, for it is an energy that demands everything. One doesn’t really paint for a living, or effect. At least not me, I wish I were organised, painted for a cause, wish I were like Raza and some others, ofcourse I wish for business sense and street smartness, but am a village idiot and very happy to be so. I pet cows and stray kittens, even chat with strangers. Sketching for me is my gift to that day. It is a healing chat with the invisible things inside.

The day I can paint, am a better woman and human, though with all my heart and soul sometimes I wish there were a more sensible thing to do – this thing ? If not for my husband none of my works would have left that space in shelves or under the cot. Am grateful to the amazing humans who stopped by and saw that this was healing me, it brought life back into the fatigue and illness that caught me for a few years. Am grateful, just wanted to say that. If you are one like me, please do not stop. I know some one who suffers from road rage, but he spray- paints now – graffiti on doors, walls, anywhere they will let him. Another girl heals from depression by sewing, lace works, and some stunning very positive tattoo craft…

So, please do not discourage each others’ language. You never know how it may bless you, just being nice to someone else. It isn’t all about money, FBlikes and Posts Dayal. It’s not all about motives and votes. Its what is in your mind that colours your judgement of others. Am sorry my friend, you asked me to write. Now I write about paint.

Dried green paint

Dried green paint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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4 responses to “For those who hate artists

  1. InnerDialect

    you ‘ve taken the trouble to really address an issue thats not been easy for me to tackle head on.. people who consider themself a close friend, might think they are doing me a favour by advertising a more paying kind of profession. I sell from home, cuz have been ripped off by more gallery guys than I care to say. One even got a local art critic to tear me up to tiny pieces, unsure what that was ! Anyway, am getting back and cannot handle more than I can actually handle. So I either go quiet or write. See, painting and art happened to me cuz I had an early speechdefect. Now I cant stop talking too. Am a chronic scribbler :)))) … having said that, Painting in itself is rather demanding as a regular work to do. Not from others, but one’s own self. Also expensive and often people who have actually fallen in love with a work of mine cannot pay. So ‘ Dayal’ here is mighty irritated at that ‘ non professional’ side of me. Yes, I will try turmeric and… oh blood ??? Ooga ooga !! ( which means I dont know what to say )… Is that Water hyacinth in your profile pic ? Looks like the lake plant we just swiped off a resort’s pond… same flowers… like badly dabbled – on – yellows… oh so great KraftedKhaos, to dialogue with such a generous person (U)

  2. “Am sorry my friend, you asked me to write. Now I write about paint.”
    Love, love, love this parting line.
    Would your friend still hate art if you derived your paint from all natural sources? India Ink, walnut husks, a little water mixed with Turmeric or Curry? Blood?
    Is his contempt for the medium or the expression? Does his apparent contempt stem from concern over the fact you are painting and not being social, or because he just Doesn’t. Like. Art. ?

    Try creating a piece exclusively for him, using all-natural, ‘non-polluting’ mediums (similar to those I mentioned above) and see if his reaction is the same. If it is, then tell him you do not appreciate his lack of support, and if he can’t find anything nice to say about your art, then don’t mention it at all. If it is simply a matter of concern for the environment, tell him that you would be happy to accept any all-natural mediums he wishes to provide to you.


    Follow your heart. No one’s heart can see the road another’s must travel.

  3. InnerDialect

    Unsure what to say – thank you, :)) I wish you could talk to Dayal…

  4. Kramer

    Paint on and write on – your work rocks! What may appear to be non productive to some probably leaves an impact on someone miles away. In the tedium of life a moment of beauty, a moment of thinking of things we never did make a huge difference – You do 🙂

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