The Right to Not Remain Silent


700,000 girls killed in India per annum / 7 million in this  decade.’Unsettled city female-foeticide-

  Azadi ke baad…”  ( after independence …  )  66 years later – today,

” Do I have Rights, Ma ?”


 I am stirred by one young lady Mittal Patel  ( with TEDxGateway at Mumbai this year ) who recently worked relentlessly for 50 lakh Indians  and gave them a Voice ; even embarrassed at my luke-warm existence,grateful for a writing opportunity IDEA CARAVAN that got me listening to the Pulse of a Nation that is mine and I only sniff  at the stench of ‘ de- notified Peoples ‘ –   no ration cards/ voter id cards/ no right to marriage nor saying NO to Prostitution.What tis a DE- NOTIFIED PERSON ?  Watch this…      

( India has more than two thousand ethnic groups wikipedia.

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