Colour Therapeutist

One doesn’t think of Colour as anything  really necessary in this world of academics and speed – I always loved and took to it in silence…
then met this quiet person who made bags and sheets for a living out of old clothes she bought off people, or they just gave it to her.

Fields near Bangalore

Mayuri lives in a small shack  ;  is another of India’s floating population. They migrate from city to city looking for work ;  her husband is a construction site labourer, their three kids are too small to go to school. I met Mayuri when she came asking for old clothes, and  thought she was a usual pest – rag picker kind.

English: Colour self adhesive tape (self adhes...


With the weeks that went by, one noticed the flowers in her hair, the bright yellow blouse and freshly washed gaudy blue hawaii chappals, her pure white teeth brushed with neem tree sticks and charcoal powder ( she said) , her kohl – lined black eyes, in a sun- tan – bronze face, and am thinking as I write this,

how Mayuri revived my interest in colours. She belongs to a tribe from Orissa,which explains the varieties of tattoos, the rings in her ears, her nose –  bright brassy – gold in tight curls spangled off long stretched ear lobes that cannot take more, but how provocative these colours are on her.She is shy, like her small house, but the rags are rich with traces of Indian cottons, silks, zari, mango – she- patterns in peacock green, a  patch of checks, a tangle of black threads in a box…

we can barely speak, but her colours fill the room in a dialect of their own. I leave and enter an earth filling with Light.

How will I tell her all this ?



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15 responses to “Colour Therapeutist

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  2. InnerDialect

    I think its he’s a relative of the Lady bug

    • InnerDialect

      Unsure what beetle , but yes, we call him green helmet 🙂 taken in fields near Bangalore airport. Again my daughters’ work..

      • green helmet is a nice name !! 🙂 hmm .. kids are more creative .. as kids we all are more creative .. and then slowly .. the practicality engrosses it and money drives creativity and limits it flight 🙂
        Strange but true .. 🙂

      • InnerDialect

        Ayyyyy but God is kind and sends us more arms and legs and heart … the next generation. Please lets let them have a less suspicious, perverse world, whether they are boys or girls. whats the difference. All are humans and have the right to Live life to the best they can… its not about just us. thank you Mysay – your words always have profound earth issues. May your flight never be limited.. 🙂

      • 🙂 indeed its just not about us!

      • InnerDialect

        :)) ah’m – that kind of breaks walls and shatters shyness demons na 🙂

  3. Nice stuff. Really awesome pics. I dont know whether you use pinterest or not. It will bring you a lot of traffic.

  4. the photography and the reciprocation is loud and clear
    very vivacious and beautifully painted conversation where the dialect hardly matters 🙂

  5. That’s a very artistic way of reciprocation.The pictures are colourful though not without something palpably mellow about them.

  6. InnerDialect

    Oh thank you, you’re so right…. the photograph clicked by Vi … my fav one…

  7. don’t worry your dialect is loud and clear for her. 🙂 I personally feel true feelings flow across unsaid. loved that lady bird pic. you clicked it?

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