Happy Friendship Day

The most beautiful thing in this life, is different people coming together in lyrics smashing all walls and discriminates ; I don’t know a better tribute on Friendship Day or any day, than the sound of Borders meeting this way  (Nepal, Jordan,India) at best, our very own A.R Rehmanji –

after all is said is done, after all our wars are fought won or lost, after our papers have been writ and faces worn or torn, may there be this day we salute each other..


Courtesy music-does-transcend.html




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15 responses to “Happy Friendship Day

  1. Wow nice…Amazing….

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  2. Amazing music here and amazing video in your other blog about the street dancer. Happy Friendship day to you too. Take care.

  3. InnerDialect

    Harsha – thank you,,,, reading comments here spills friendship day into the next… yes where are we without it..:) oh yes the vid’s great

  4. Wow thanks for sharing the Video..I am loving this… 🙂
    BTW Happy Friendship Day to you too.. 🙂

  5. Happy friendship day to you too mate! 🙂

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  7. Wow beautiful…soothing…lovely and surprisingly peppy also

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  9. InnerDialect

    Ay its catchy and nice…. not too intense, easy on the nerves :))))) but unforgettable

  10. sumanth

    i am listening to that song in loop 🙂

  11. A happy friendship day to you too

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