Reality & U tube

(They said it was U Tube geek day, I checked but fell in here : See Homeless human slinky!

My impressions here, are  dedicated to house hunters and eco- victims! This is American TV at best, but blood still runs red mate, there are still things we all collectively need, regardless.  Human slinky blest by his struggles, must see….  below  )

Homelessness can teach you Extremes

how to use pain

contortions – as moves

how to dance in the streets

how to use your spine

how to use your naked hunger/ your Ouch factor

how to kneel, how to walk on arms….

You learn to control people who watch you;

Most people don’t embrace something, you got to

embrace something, to cry like that, to entertain like that

from the wrungs of your soul,

nothing less than your 100 percent dream- wrenchn’ soul- taking

time- to weep and change the way you smile, to never

stop being real…

Happy U tube geek day :)))))



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2 responses to “Reality & U tube

  1. feels good to see good happening to people who best deserve it .. inspires .. always … from a street dancer to being praised at Amreicas Got Talent !! amazing !! this chap was super slow .. and even I havent seen anyone doing it so slowly .. fabulous share , Rayla .. thanks again for yet another motivating stuff !! 🙂

  2. Wish you the same too, necessity is surely the mother of invention.

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