Hanging out with ideas …

Plastic bottle sculpture

Plastic bottle sculpture (Photo credit: PurpleLorikeet)

Did nothing today ‘ creatively’,  in fact I did nothing, isn’t that a good thing ? Hung out with some nice people, no extraordinary talk, no earth shattering metaphysics! Just hung 🙂 What did they mean when they first coined ,” hanging out with … so and so..”

Like they hung laundry out and everyone sun-dried, together in a heap for company, or solitary.

I guess that’s the way good ideas  are born, ideas, innovation. Saw this pic  : and all from things that are old, dried, used, throw-aways. Goes to say ideas must be incubated, re- harnessed, used, re-cycled….. ?

Plastic bottle sculpture

Plastic bottle sculpture (Photo credit: PurpleLorikeet)

(Made out of used plastic bottles : obviously for the effect of this picture and recycling, but genuinity at its most lenient and sweet, Who could live here is a matter of concern, but you could hang out maybe:)



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7 responses to “Hanging out with ideas …

  1. You can make little changes in your own environment .. my daughter’s school adopts the same policy .. and they too use recycled material for the artwork. It’s a carbon neutral school .. you can visit their website http://www.theblossomnursery.com/

  2. Art from waste, looks lovely and useful too

  3. indrani

    Very creative work.

  4. Art does not exclude anything as long as mind can see beauty in the most mundane. Great ideas!

  5. Great innovation.. I guess the maker of this house would have never come across this idea had he been busy with those ‘extraordinary talks’, ‘earth shattering’ or metaphysics !!

  6. Bottle house. Must be really beautiful with lights..

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