The Spirit of India : Compassion & Intelligence

( This is not another post about India being the most dangerous place on earth for women (UN)

Photo: Ye bhi TajMahal se kam nahi !

Photo: Ye bhi TajMahal se kam nahi ! ( Nothing less than the Taj Mahal)

There are some unknown, awesome people in our lives, people we know and do not, that have made existence easier for us. Thank you Dads, brothers, friends, people everywhere and in particular men, who certainly are underrated. YES< publicity works for the bad guys, the yuk stories, the kidnappers and the lecherous. Where are the good guys  ? They almost never show up, but they are there, in our homes and lives, in blogosphere and communities around – in simple ways and larger, keeping our Faith in India, as She really is.

May you be noticed, applauded, may you and your tribe increase. 🙂  May you be blessed where you go, may your life  be like a Tree planted by Streams of Living Water, bearing Fruit in season and out. May You find Rivers in Deserts, fine orchards in the wilderness. May you be written about in our Childrens’ Textbooks, may streets and highways, towns and cities be named after you…  

( Said with smiles, and the uttermost respect ..)

As we hit another milestone of Independence as a Nation, ( 67 ?), may you read this and know you are admired, not just by this representative of the female population of India, but by all of us.





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8 responses to “The Spirit of India : Compassion & Intelligence

  1. InnerDialect

    No gloom when there are such awesome people around. Thank you Maverickajal

  2. Every morning we stumble upon ghastly incidents of murder and depravity while such pure and life changing incidents do not percolate down to us to reassure us that despite all the bad things we experience, there is an essential elment of goodness in the psyche of the country proved by the man in the post. I am very happy to know of the monumental task of this simple man, our true Indian and human being. The post gives us warmth and a feeling of pure joy in an atmosphere of gloom. Sincere thanks.

  3. InnerDialect

    Yes Mysay , the same India…. and what a thought, to realise, there are such men in this life, not hi-fi – guy here, an unknown hero, who should be given every applause available to living man… what a tribute he has paid to existence itself, thru his own personal loss. What a man, and am sure there are 100s more, living quiet lives and not telling everyone, but making a massive difference. It is our bounden duty to tell the world of such men , in these times

  4. Will Power .. makes all the difference .. I was amazed to learn about this man on Satyamev and his dedication for two decades to carve a way out breaking the walls of mighty Mountain…
    Indeed this is lot more than Taj Mahal .. it is of use .. for the coming generation . This is the same India .. which is rocked with rape,eve teasing and other crime on woman .. where exist men many who really care and love.. Getting up to forget person loss for others benefit is human !!

  5. Compassion, intelligence + crooked politics = India

    • InnerDialect

      We need vaccines and medication I think to correct corruption – but how.. bribes are now legal ! Ah’m if Ive not stept on another landmine.

  6. UR

    I happened to learn about this man in an episode of ‘Sathyamev Jayathe’.Thank you for showcasing hope and optimism.There are plenty of such stories that are sidelined by the media.

    • InnerDialect

      Amazing man – out of this world…. ! We so need this Awe stories – am sure there are hundreds of such Indian, esp men. I for one know, without my family, the wonderful men God has placed in our families / friends … life would have been very different…

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