This Beautiful multi – talented 66 year old Mom

I ‘ve always loved you, how could I not,

but today – never loved you like I love you

today, India.


Rayla Noel's photo.



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24 responses to “This Beautiful multi – talented 66 year old Mom

  1. It’s brilliant 😀
    I feel so happy after reading it

    Pages off Life

  2. Simple and straight forward, each word meant a ton. Wow.

  3. beautiful..happy independence day Rayla!

  4. lovely


    happy independence day

  5. Happy Independence Day !! Jai Hind!! Rayla

    • InnerDialect

      Yep, the next 365 days of it Mysay and may you thoroughly enjoy yr democratic life :)))

      • hopefully .. I do enjoy democracy .. being facing trouble for my political toons 😀

      • InnerDialect

        Hey democratic- doodler, do NOT Stop. You are what we are, inside. Where we are either speechless, shy, or unable to emote, the way you do. You were ” Specifically born ” like my son would say. SPECIFICALLY BORN ! I always look forward to your work, and words. If someone’s giving you trouble, send them to mama ray here ( me ). I’m a mean thing with a terrific left handed swing. And I know my rights, and I take care of people that deserve to have their voice heard. Ask the traffic police near my lane. We’re all good friends now.. :)))) hey am not all that bad, but cannot bear injustice….

      • wow !!! Now I have someone to standing by .. coz trouble is an experienced Bull and I am a new Matador 🙂
        Where free speech is not curbed .. criticism is considered ideally healthy .. where growing together is the prevailing phenomena .. Mama Ray .. I want this nation heading that way 🙂
        Left hand swing 😀 Right Hand Punch ? 😀
        Blessed to have a friend like you who takes injustice for a ride.. ideally people prefer Letting Go 😦

      • InnerDialect

        Okay, Red bull to the Left or right ! :))
        …yes, ” letting Go ” of needless and swinging with healthy critics, is welcome,
        yep am Mama-Bull-ess ( :))))) we can take things with a pinch of salt and punch never mind, but noone’s stopping my friend ‘cuz see he’s got wit, and God made that, ok. So now wheres the bull …..
        ( Know what I used to suffer from chronic fatigue – an actual illness, till I met the real me inside. She’s not much to boast about, except she lives to try encourage others, like you awesome, k. I’ve seen enough people try to get me down all my life / or some fantastic people ; ok, we take the helpful advice, just not let go of the good inside

  6. Great write…hits directly at the heart..
    Nice one..:)

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