Restaurant Bill from 1985

Hey we had service tax back then ? (Rs. 2/-)


Rs. 26.30p

( Save your bills, the kids might need it for their blog posts too ; maybe veggies will be extinct, who knows 🙂 Maybe we should take pics of everything we own too, for posterity : samples of leaf, cotton, rice, flowers.Okay it is World Photography day, so do take pictures. Fav. Pictures for self




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9 responses to “Restaurant Bill from 1985

  1. Oh god. Its a collector’s item. I envy u

  2. yep so v true. may be raj babbar(cong mp who stated one can eat stomach full in rs 12) still lives in 80’s

  3. The prices seem so minuscule…we can’t get a Vadapav for that much now in Mumbai..:P

  4. Wow 1985 Bill..I am seeing a bill dated before I was born thanks to you.. 🙂

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