‘You dared touch me ..’

When Netaji went to meet Hitler first time,he was asked to wait by his men in a hall and they would go to inform him about Netaji’s arrival…..

Netaji started reading a book silently, as a man duplicate of Hitler  entered the hall …  and went back as Netaji  was unmoved ;  many other duplicates came and returned ; 

finally, Hitler himself walked in , placed his hand on Netaji’s shoulder.

Netaji nods , “Hitler”.  Hitler surprised, asked ‘ How did you do that ? You haven’t met me before ? ”  

Netaji answered ( to the great dictator of whom British prime minister was afraid ! ) , “NO ONE IN THE WORLD HAS THE COURAGE TO PUT HIS HAND ON SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE’S SHOULDER EXCEPT HITLER, NOT EVEN HIS MEN.”

Subhash Ji, I love your spirit, but did you stop with just your shoulder ? Why didn’t you do more to stop the man ….?