No this is more than a cynical post

This is a photograph of two idiots  that harassed my friend two days ago. 

She was travelling in a rick – and it was in the middle of the afternoon, as you can tell. They followed her rickshaw, they were obvious about their interest and didn’t stop rash riding next to her for a very long time, just so they could stare and make remarks. When the rickshaw driver told them to back off and ride properly, they held on to her rickshaw.

We’ve had our bags stolen, we’ve had men stare and make nasty remarks too. This time last year – I wouldn’t have put this up.
But today, I feel like it’s important for everyone to see these faces. Important for people to acknowledge that this sort of behaviour isn’t okay. It’s not safe either. I’m glad she clicked this photograph – but it also scared the shit out of me because I was worried.

A lot of times, teasing doesn’t stop right here. Every day, we get out of our homes, unsure of our safety as women, and the sad part is – we are all to be blamed for it. For all I know, these men have done much worse in the past & probably gotten away with it. That’s why they are still roaming around freely.

Their faces deserved to be exposed. … It’s just not okay.



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2 responses to “No this is more than a cynical post

  1. UR

    Really Sad! Most of the times when I see men staring at me and my friends I pretend to take a photo pointing my phone towards them. Scares most of them away.But this is truly very sad. Hope she is fine.

  2. Wow, that is terrible! Poor thing, I hope she is ok.

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