Our mysterious beautiful Earth  

The girl on my left is on a Scooty, in a red salwar, another woman sits pillion on a bike, her chiffon sari falling apart. This traffic jam is now a sea of arms and legs, helmets and wheels, blaring horns and people waiting to get to some place in a  rush. Thru’ it all someone fries dosas in ghee, at a roadside stove and I remember some things with a grin. Yes Life isn’t all bad. Our AC works  – we inhale finally. Sigh. Lavender air is fresh – so good…!

Through the glass, muted sounds of an afternoon going crazy outside, filter in. Auto rickshaws belch fumes,  a city- bus suddenly comes close, too close. My husband has that smile, like a boy at a video game. Nothing fazes him out.

I try not to look at the world playing larger than life all around, petrol fumes seep in thru’  unimaginable gaps. And diesel. Even kerosene. Remember the  kerosene stove Nana had ?  AC suddenly fails and we must have our windows down …

dearest Lord, what is that ? Relief! A cart with flowers. Marigold and champa, roses and jasmine. It feels like heaven. Like when Ma combed my hair  under the jasmine tree. She told us stories that were real and some made up for the moment. Those evenings after school were magical trips to places we had never seen, except through my mother’s stories, rich – layered like the flowers she brought home. Sometimes a bunch, sometimes a strand of marigold. Ma worked as a teacher, and the kids gave her flowers all the time. She never wore them in her hair but saved them for us. I love flowers. For me  they are kisses from heaven, or the depths of the earth. They are whispers of  earth – scents and secrets we can only imagine, soothing the mind, taking us to places we do not see, healing,weaving celebrations around ordinary days, sad days, bad days. Humans say everything with flowers, the best perfumes are from them. Like laughter, and love, forgiveness and new things, promises to bank on for tomorrow. Good moments that make us feel strength in our weakness. Beauty in ashes… ah, see ? I’m rambling…

 I must have fallen asleep,  when I wake up, the Scents linger – lilies…..  close, so so close – almost as if…

new things

I open my eyes, they are there. Scarlet and white lilies thick green long stalk. ‘That flower-cart  followed us all the way, I had to buy some for you...’  my husband has this smile.Tiredness melts as I forgive all traffic horrors, petrol fumes and others.  Am healing from a mystery illness that has unsuccessfully followed me, years and years – Chronic Fatigue. Ah but then, the Earth has her secrets. Scents.Like kisses from heaven where wonderful things happen, things we can only guess at…  

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3 responses to “Scent

  1. alexxavier

    Such a wonderful article and photos are nice because Images will answer to content.
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  2. InnerDialect

    AH thanx SiniRachel you say it so well – making me want to write more :)))

  3. Beautiful imagery with the words. A very natural feel and texture unlike some I read in which I felt the theme was forced upon the words.

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