Staggered by a Promise

262478_10151433887390875_1935141181_nI wish I didn’t care, how easy it would be to live complete without worrying about others, just self,I wish I didn’t care about the weather, global warming, rising prices, and the way our kids  and  I too can be selfish… mean, hot tempered and shallow ; prone to some of the worst sins of mankind and indifferent!

Then I met a person last night, it was 12 am or around – he came to me with three broken words –  “I AM SORRY..”  ( it was a stranger in a dream, saying ‘ sorry’ … ?

am amazed, what are dreams ? Who are we ? Does it make a difference ; ‘ talents’ ‘ caring’ .. can all be so grossly misunderstood, one reels under the glare of it. I stagger at the ways of encouragement that can arrive thru a random dream…  what a life this is. Tangled with challenges, miscommunication, suspicion,harshness – and yet, that gentle reminder of gentle things…

am floored for words…

( He cares for you )



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4 responses to “Staggered by a Promise

  1. InnerDialect

    :)) thank you so much

  2. 1st para itself is awesome .. wonderful post 🙂

  3. InnerDialect

    :)) thanks, I wish …

  4. Kramer

    It is said that ‘sorry’ is the hardest word to say. And if you experienced it being said albeit in a dream and a stranger, it must be real 🙂

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