Did I suspect ..?

Dear God,

Sometimes it is worth the wait, for a dream to come true. Even dreams and wishes change. Didn’t we all know that ? And yet, this is a new thing, to know how much a person can be humbled within, to change. To never mind insult. To not even notice hate. To forgive move on, be smacking grateful for the view. Dearest Lord, did You know we could all change this much ? Esp me ?

Did I even know – I was a painting ? An instrument – strung with tension, chord and bar ; that this and that would be the song in the dark, in the light, in the roof top and other unheard of places…

Did we know the bigger picture – how could I at least – am this size, I thought, these here were just arms and feet… these here, were just eyes and ears and nose and toes… how could I have known, these are what tones and melodies, or discord are made of…

but now that I know – ah now that I know, and its been made clear… am staring anew, dear God…  there’s so much now I may not misunderstand….

never realised we are your song…




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