Detached ?

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Everyone should have a friend who is a complete opposite of what one is – outright opposite, never mind pretty manners. Maji, is one of those, and can shred your self worth, but he is priceless. I don’t know that Maji cares, or ever wants to look good in society. If they interviewed him on global TV he’d still say the same things …

So Maji tells me , ” Ray  you ‘re an idiot to be so concerned about human rights issues,  get a grip on your own life woman .”

He then quoted and misquoted some things from the bible,but knowing Maji, I wanted to hear this , ” Vanity vanity, all is vanity ! A mere wind passing thru’, a mere rolling of stones and picking up of stones, a flower quickly fading, a vapour going nowhere… .”

I had no immediate reply to Maji, whose words make me extreme philosophical for weeks… and negative about some of the things I am engrossed in. Human rights – all that. Why bother.

Why bother. The words follow me around like foot prints. I have no immediate answer. The earth has her share of critics, her share of walls and moats, castles and dragons, catwalks and pavements, foot path and courts of justice / injustice. Halls of fame and shame. Kids and crime, men and women of leisure, seizures…

I do not know about Maji, but today I have work with Art –  contemporary issues.

Am surfing some headlines –  ” …more Wardrobe malfunction / Real estate ballet / Petrol price ballet/ Dress code in colleges/Elections/ PolitiChefs/ Crime chat/Star gossip/ page 3 Wine and cheese/ page 4 Whine & tease/Weather/leather/ drugs/ jail stories/ juvenile needs/ agony aunts/ horror/horoscope/stardust/ more star dust../ suicides/ roof collapse/ gold price / rupee story/ toy stories/ other games and garbage travails/ lunch box ( movie)/ Kannada film at oscars ?/Cricket sadness/ Capitalism sadness/ Miss India finalist ‘ next ‘ to winner at Ms United Continent@ Ecuador :)))) whats that..?… & ‘ Under -trial hangs self with shoe – lace…  “

Contemporary issues. Maji…  I know, NOT  pretty, but if I have to submit a ‘ Contempo ‘ piece of art ; somewhere, someone will ask, ” Why isn’t there some good news ? ” 

I wish I could shut up and play remote, can you ? Like a coffee table, or  yesterdays’ newspaper. All read up and cooled in a cane basket for Collage snippets. Maybe I should do a newspaper collage, a collection of images that do not offend people  who prefer ‘ detached ‘ , but say it like it is. Tough. But will try.



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4 responses to “Detached ?

  1. lovely…beautifully put. We live in the safety of our own shells unwilling to acknowledge what happens around us. a single step a simple step a willing step from every person could make a world of difference.

  2. InnerDialect

    Thanks Abhra… its the best anyone can do I guess… and the least we could.

  3. Very well written. It is easy to remain detached for most. Don’t if our heart don’t bleed for the suffering of those just outside the walls of our ‘safe’ house, then for what is worth living. I am no social activist but I think and spread the thoughts, the least that I can do on my own.

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