Somebody has to apologise !

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For the sins of man, and brown girl in the ring with beauty crown

someone has to apologise for fear and loss or poverty, war,

tsunamis and ballet – all marrying each other on the run, and

not saying how long they will stay…

or leave, 

and how. No one ‘s asking permission, no one’s dressing properly, everyone’s staying out too late,

everyone’s dating ! Even Juvenile lawyer for the Juvenile criminal( local Indian news) lost his mind,  ‘I would burn that girl alive –  how dare she stay out till 9! How dare she !’ he said, to our horror and I

looked at my time, it was 9 and I too was out late –  worry &Sigh! ( Would those rapists ( DelhiBus) have stopped if that guy with her was her husband ? Hey Lawyer, you’re worse than anything I’ve ever read off the history of man, woman or child, and trust me, am putting this mild )

Where was I ? Ah. Crime and Beauty pageants gone – wrong , on the same page, am….

hey I’m feeling guilty, and don’t know why. Should I ?

Uh… wh – uh …


Lets apologise….

also, for being women. And human. For having to wear Indian clothes that leave out boots and gear that could perhaps improve our safety. For being brought up to believe, love, trust. That very Indian quality that makes us endearing. I know, I am recipient of appreciation for my Indian smile.

And yes, I would have trusted that Bus conductor waving me in at 9pm. I apologise for that. I apologise also that some times I wear the sari. I never really argue, I do not doubt. But now I do. And it scares me. To need to doubt. And to hear ‘; burning alive’ said with such ease.  I apologise to Nirbhaya‘s parents. I cringe inside, and wish we could all just return to normal… like it used to be when there was no divide between men and women, when we just human, when the only colours that existed were  true blood red , and  .. uh … am sorry, but then came yellow.



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17 responses to “Somebody has to apologise !

  1. I understood this post as a cry of pain for justice and good sense. …demented often stupid people with absolutely no sensitivity. That they live among us is a reality. Maybe in some perverted way it shows what levels humanity is cable of stooping …

  2. My eyes welled up…so touching and bitter truth it was

  3. that was touching and —sad but true

  4. InnerDialect

    ‘Poetic Rebellion ‘how i LOVE that, now I know what my job description really is, :))) thank you Dream Peddlar… you make rage sound good… but then I hope India sees better attitudes…soon…

  5. The first thing that came to my mind is poetic rebellion. Wonderfully written post. The anger, the disregard and the loathing was in its purest and perfect form and tone. Great Writing!

  6. InnerDialect

    Hey, Ive cooled down now seeing the guy is facing flak :))) tx fr writing in and saying – is the best thing.

  7. the poetic form used is superb for the issues. Secondly thew issues are well described. Nice one 🙂

  8. My anger, my sentiments and my discomfort with the present state of affairs intensifies when i read such stupid remarks by Some People..Heights of insensitivity, i would say. nice article Rayla..full of agony and frustation..but guess that’s how we women feel all over the world for such ghastly acts.

  9. InnerDialect Professional Misconduct ! Thank you India, you just restored my faith here.( but still fuming and will slam any man woman who says ‘parents should adopt such attitude towards their daughters…” what,…. ‘ burn them alive ‘ ???

  10. InnerDialect

    He was upset at the death sentence to the criminals… mopped his eyes and then took out hankerchief to mop eyes. Perspiration ? I understand, who likes a death sentence. NO ONE. It is sick and sad. Such young men and with a disease no one really knows how to cure. I watched the news that day, wondering how it must feel to be parents of Nirbhaya, to face all that. I know even lawyers and criminals have their right to speak. But there is a thing called human empathy. One doesnt have to be educated. Tribals have it. Even animals mourn. Why worry about gender? A human being was hurt. Even a tree is felled, we hurt.

  11. SangitaS

    You have raised the issues in such a poetic manner.

    • InnerDialect

      Spontaneous furious poetry…. have been simmering and will slap that man off his head if I get the chance or anyone who dares treat a dead woman that too, like that. What manner of monster does he represent ? Am horrified NO BODY in the Indian press ever reacted. What kind of locker room whispers did he and those rapists exchange before and after the trial. He even shed tears and wiped his eyes… condones ?

      • SangitaS

        I think we are getting desensitised, I do see a few debates raging here and there but that’s what they remain..I wish I knew of a reason which leads ppl to do such heinous acts but the reasons are so many that i know not of a single way to treat the malaise.. Though we say respecting women is a way but desire for dominance seems to be embedded in our DNA..u see ppl doing that in every sphere with harsh results.. Am I missing something here ..”he even shed tears and wiped his eyes”

  12. Today I read a news on Times of India, from one one the reputed lawyers in our country and have been thinking since then…your first two lines have summed it up so well.

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