Govt of India if you care, don’t call it ‘ honour killing’

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how easy to not flinch from the news because I didn’t die

How quick to kill a daughter, where was her mother

what is that father? Was that her brother? Who killed her, but a mindset that

is a monster. Rekha Vikesh You get killed for loving a fellow human being. But you’ll get just months in a juvenile home for brutally assaulting a young girl. …


honor killing2

Wednesday (18-Sep-2013) evening, a village in Haryana looked on as a girl was lynched by her family, and a boy beheaded. Hours ago, they had returned to the village, thinking that their families would finally allow them to marry.

The girl’s parents and uncle have been arrested and her brother is missing since the crime… Rohtak, and in a village just 80 km from the capital.

Nidhi Barak, 20, and Dharmender Barak, 22, eloped and went to neighbouring Delhi on Tuesday, since their families back in the Gharnavati village did not approve of their relationship. Nidhi was a student of fine arts, while Dharmender was pursuing a technical course. Nidhi’s parents allegedly persuaded her to come back, promising not to harm the young lovers.

The police say what followed was hours of torture for the couple at Nidhi’s home, ending with their death. The girl was beaten to death in full public view. The boy was brutally beaten and his arms and legs broken, before he was beheaded. His headless body was allegedly dumped at a public square in the village.

The family of the girl was allegedly caught in the act of cremating her, when a police team arrived. They had been alerted by a villager. The police then took the girl’s half-burnt body and the boy’s remains for a post-mortem.Read more here  NDTV

honor killing

..which rascal named it Honour Killing?

Shame on these people who are just  morons and barbarians. There could not much we do about this, just our younger generation need to wait till these creepy minded people die off and a new culture will blossom. 

– Words by Din- NDTV



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7 responses to “Govt of India if you care, don’t call it ‘ honour killing’

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  2. preethiprasan

    just yesterday a girl baby was born to a couple who refused to take her because it was a girl – this is real news from reliable sources. Just like there are people like us, abhra Pal, I quote you, who cannot see our children in pain, there are people i guess on the other end of the spectrum too. I don’t think these people have any idea as to what honour is. Honour revolves around not by other actions but our own actions and reactions…it is just absolutely infuriating!!

  3. same rascal who thinks,…daughters are nothing but burden and are born to follow not to question………daughters-in-law should be in veil 24×7 even when she is surrounded by her own in-laws……..punishment to the rapist is to marry that girl(don’t know who is punished here)……itz a girl’s fault if she gets raped…….if she stand up for herself she is character less … I done????

  4. Very well established contrast.

    Today the doctor wanted a blood test done for my baby – and I was in so much pain to watch her go through the process, because there was nothing I could do to comfort her pain and yet in the name honour killing so many families kill their own child – I just don’t realize how.

    • InnerDialect

      Exactly. I don’t get how it works. Surely the mind goes into some other mode, to even kill. Or hit someone. A kind of primal, bestial thing takes over am certain, an insanity, or it is not possible.

  5. It really is ironic ! You get to die for loving and live for hating. That’s what our society has become now. Humans will self-destruct by themselves, I don’t think we will need to wait 1.8bn years for the earth to become uninhabitable.

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