Confessions of a Floor -ist

Edge of Light

Edge of light. Noel. Time- past present future, racing together. Arriving leaving – Light best seen among the dark.

Group Show at Renaissance Gallery ,Bangalore- Paintings on display by Anirudh Kannan, Mohammed Moosa, Nitasha Choudhury, Noel & Rayla , and Vinod Gowda(Gopi) – Sep 23 to 27 -11 am – 7 pm.


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“Yes, yes yes,”  my reply to Ajin and Mosa (people I’ve met recently, names changed), ” I do sit on the floor and paint ; used kitchen knife, cut up a nice shirt, cuz all the rags I had that 


have died and gone to rag- heaven 🙂 No, I do not use an easel, the lights are never right for me except when on the floor. Our dog gets the sofa, I choose the earth. Is that bad ? The floor soothes spine and soul, skin and emotions. It stirs sharp corners into neat edges. It is like sitting on a song, the words are quiet. Little pieces of streams in a desert. This Piece is painted for  Social cause, am waiting to see what comes off it.

What is the ” Song of peace ?” I am asked. ( the painting here  )

As the deer pants for water, my soul thirsts after you Oh God…”

Ajin and Mosa say I am a weird kind of human, caught up in soul – chatter, and which art school did I go to. I had to tell them the truth… that I have walked barefoot, and  been startled by angels  – it teaches me the best lessons Life can give me. That I first ‘ painted’ at age 3, with postoffice glue and sand an leaves and flowers. And water colour camlin. That its not all about painting. It’s about finding a way to reach people. It is a voice. That I paint for a living too, but this is from the depths within, trying to say I love my earth deeply.

They stare at me at Renaissance Gallery, and say I am odd enough to be noticed, and that  I am a  ‘ Floor- ist!’

Photo: Group Show at Renaissance Gallery - Paintings on display by  Anirudh Kannan, Mohammed Moosa, Nitasha Choudhury, Noel Geoffrey Rajpillay,Rayla Noel and Vinod Gowda(Gopi) - Sep 23 to 27 -

Photo: Group Show at Renaissance Gallery – Paintings on display by Anirudh Kannan, Mohammed Moosa, Nitasha Choudhury, Noel,,Rayla and Vinod Gowda(Gopi) – Sep 23 to 27 –

Haaaahaaaa …Can’t stop grinning at that. Floor – ist…..

Copper blue, by Noel / Acrylic 24″x36″ (Metal, gentle man is both. Movement, restless, rest.We run, or tread careful. Feet can shed peace, stir dust & Harvest.

Oil acrylic, 24″x36″ RNoel. Light undeterred by sky scrapers.Here jobs are earthy, husk and hay, the wheel, barefeet feet,mud lamps and pot. Tribals wear a single layer of garment – simple lives, yet unpredictable.

Song for Peace RNoel

Song for peace. RN. The deer, prey yet can take mt. heights.Her earth is her home, yet she is fugitive. This is voice of the lonely. ” as the deer pants for living water, my soul thirsts for you Oh God..” the psalmist. PAINTED FOR SOCIAL CAUSE,


Joie – joy. WOman with flowers in her head. There are more than one person in this. Earth tones and day hue. Joy is the strength we give each other, or deny it. ( series)


SEA Urchin – a sea weed, once dried, runs as a ‘ bol ‘ in the beach winds/ sand.Simple exotic joys of childhood playgrouds, staring at today’s concrete jungles. …



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9 responses to “Confessions of a Floor -ist

  1. Kramer

    Beautiful paintings – Do post more pictures and write about the exhibition too. For someone who can’t paint within the lines on a child’s work book, I can’t comment on you being a ‘Floor ist” – it seems to works beautifully though.

  2. Floor-ist I loved your last painting. Your love and devotion for the art clearly shows through your writing. All the best for the show!

  3. the paintings are really nice.

  4. what beautiful paintings Rayla! Both of them…one is serene and the second is so vibrant…

  5. Paintings are amazing……… specially last one

  6. The closer you are to Earth, the better insights you get about life. Loved the shot.

  7. InnerDialect

    Reblogged this on Innerdialect .

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