A wish for you


_MG_3232I wish you everything I never said, not because I would not;

humans are so limited,

we are made of blood and bone, but pray like gods and goddesses,

so I spoke for you at an altar made of homes,

that you would never fall, except into peace you deserve,

except into acres of songs you never heard, within kingdoms you never knew you

owned, right there right there – 

may you dance like you never knew you would, sing with the thing you never understood

ay God is good, He is good.




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2 responses to “A wish for you

  1. Kramer

    That is such a wonderful beautiful wish. You surpass yourself with each post and I wish you well in everything always. You will have to forgive me for my inability to put it in lyrics that breathe heart and soul. Just loved this post and it meant so much today. It would touch anyone any day but today is special.

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