Defiant altars

Tides, time, questions, impressions

depress, lift  :  naked prayers in the Light

are what we say in the dark ;

PiCourtesy Patrography

Altars are everywhere, what did you

think, everywhere – especially when we



Happy, or defiant altars :

even atheists, asking why

why why …  

or happier ones, after the storm, thankful

grudging grateful – not kneeling, but

storming the next assault,

altars glaring at the sky, even these

are the Altars

that make You mine,

screaming sea and sky, and You,

tearing streets,


I will meet You forever

even here,





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3 responses to “Defiant altars

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  2. Life itself is an altar, isn’t it? We keep making sacrifices of ourselves or others or both.

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