Why look at me like that

( Pl do read my comment below this Post, if you find it confusing, thank you )


I thought You were King and

lived in velvet places ; why are You here

the edge of Hell, the gates beyond this scream with hate

not love. Not you. I thought You are King and kings do not kneel

nor bow to dying whispers;

why are You here, like a stubborn waiting father, what Β are You

looking for ? Where are Your garments wove with silk and gold,

e’en Your feet are cold, why are Your feet wearing my street

I thought You were King, with crown and command, where is

Your Crown, your precious stones

why look at me like that

why are You looking at me

like that, with Eyes of a waiting Father

I thought You were just King and could not

kneel to little things, like

these little keys and words

hung in cyber space cafes

by gates outside heaven



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11 responses to “Why look at me like that

  1. I don’t believe in god(s). But I found your poem touching. It comes from genuine feelings, the reader can experience that feeling. Sign of a good poem.

  2. Deep, thoughtful and thought-provoking. Thanks for this. Reminded of something Sri Aurobindo once wrote – “Because God is invincibly great, He can afford to be weak; because He is immutably pure, He can indulge with impunity in sin; He knows eternally all delight, therefore He tastes also the delight of pain; He is inalienably wise, therefore He has not debarred Himself from folly.”

    • InnerDialect

      ” He has not debarred Himself from folly , He can be weak… ?”
      … no that bit I did not get. What I meant was, His heart, His throne is among the broken, The lonely places, at the gates of Hell, He waits for the sinner, the one that runs away from home,He cares..We are mostly material minded, value the superficial. God sees thru us, our priorities can be so shallow.. thats what I meant. thank you for writing in.

  3. InnerDialect

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  4. InnerDialect

    Some of us, made God a silk- loving guy who drove around in a Merc and drank nectar off a diamond chalice. I meet God in the eyes of some unlikely people, either on death – row, or not so noticeable in our righteous circles. The God I love lives where hurting people are. We might call it hellish.
    This Post happened in a moment I realised, a true living God is the One whose Eye is also, and very specially, on that wounded lamb, that 1/His 100 sheep ( Parable in the bible), that one wounded person, who thru his error, or innocently, got hurt, rejected, left out of Life and all its niceness.

    I guess, He would look me in the eye with a gaze that reminded me, I too was loved like that, by Him, ” Why are you surprised I would search heaven and hell for one who is lost, or hurt..? ARE YOU OFFENDED RAY OF INNERDIALECT, THAT I . BEING GOD, WOULD BE SEEN AMONG THE MORE ‘SCANDALOUS’ OF YOU ? tRUE LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL..”

    kRAMER, THE GOD I LOVE WOULD HAVE HIS DEN AT HELL’ S GATES, LIKE A WAITING FATHER. I SHOULD KNOW. HE IS GOOD TO ME / US EVERY SINGLE DAY. He is kind even when we are material minded / legalistic/ cruel to each other/ judgemental/ self righteous and sickeningly blind to reality…

    πŸ™‚ thank you for asking..

  5. Kramer

    Dear Innerdialect
    This was lovely – very powerful,strong and forthright ( almost in anger) but I’m afraid I did not understand it at all. Since
    I’ve probably read most if not all of your posts I thought it was different from the others. This is not to say that you write the same otherwise. If you find the time, please could you give us some background on this post?
    I am a ‘literary illiterate’ and not worthy of commenting or critiqueing your work so I thought I’d leave you with a song. It works for me when I am upset or angry. It is ‘ Let It Be’ by the Beatles. I’ve already posted it a while ago it’s my turn to be forthright – truly intrigued.

  6. Kramer

    Wow ! that was strong stuff πŸ™‚ Not much I could say to that except leave you with this song.

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