Light Fall

It fell like Rain,  not heavy, just light ;

who could have guessed what she survived ? None if us were there,

except the things inside, that broke

with Light.

it is what is visible to the Opened Eye…


( thank you Sarala J.for being such an amazing girl, for your life that teaches me how to stand tall)

Artist Sarala Jaykumar



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7 responses to “Light Fall

  1. I wish I could respond with my own poetry, but I can only quote my girl friend, Emily Dickinson. (Don’t tell Claire!) “There’s a certain slant of light, on winter afternoons. Heavenly hurt it send us, though we can find no scars, but internal difference where the meanings are.”

  2. InnerDialect

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  3. InnerDialect

    The tear drop, birthed in the dark, yet fell like Light. The experience of pain had shed new light , the owner of the tear drop, begins to see beyond the superficial. Begins to understand what can only be experienced after one survives pain.. Broke with Light > daybreak. Positives from negatives…

  4. What did the metaphor relate to…Something with depth and thoughts but the exact emotions were blurred..Nice lines though

  5. A little difficult to understand. But there’s poetry in it. That’s the beauty.

  6. Just few sentences buy what a solid impact its had on my mind. A really thoughtful post.

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