You never know

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(This Post utterly Inspired by ThePeoplesArtCafe  Bangalore,thank you guys ).

At Ja’s Art House *, our 5 paintings up and glowing in the dusk, Ja  arrived with Green tea, herbal biscuits and pure white tea cups.538898_320803924681861_1074238807_n

I was scared to speak and upset the quiet. Ja was so quiet and  all attention to detail: to us, our queries as artists, about sales and lighting, frames and the future.

How did he do it ? The Art house that Ja owned also ran a Cafe stall, biscuits and tea. In the corner were low tables where a lone artist sketched. I found my eyes returning to the sketch he was hunched over ; for some reason Lone artist did not like me looking at him, slammed his sketch book shut and vanished into the store across.

Ja shrugged, then smiled. Noel and I did not know what to speak. Ja looked like the Peace of God. Was he Buddhist ? No he wasn’t/ From the Himalayas ? No.

I could not pursue the questioning. Everything about him so neat, so proper. I don’t think if there was a mosquito in his Shop he would’ve hit it. A stray dog appeared, black fur and chubby faced, smiling at us like it were the host at Ja’s Art House.Another appeared, then a cat. They sat politely at the red rug, not stepping on it, just short of it, like they had been trained. They had their biscuits and crumb-less, left. They all looked peaceful too, square-shouldered and without noise. Not even an aura of restless- ness.

Lone artist returned  and smiled at me. I was forgiven it seemed for he resumed his sketching. We had our green tea and biscuits out of a shiny glass jar with glass round saucer and tiny steel spoons for bowl with sugar cubes.

We reached home at 10 pm. I hadn’t wanted to leave in a hurry, as we sat there in that Arthouse facing the street and some amount of noise from a city settling into a saturday night. Back home I patted our pet’s head and gently kissed the kids. Next day I stared at the spoons and bowls in our kitchen ; I mopped, cleaned, away rubbish, dressed up, spoke quietly, for a few days. It worked for a few days. Am back to my old self..

What I love about this whole Art Biz most, is the people we meet. Warriors and Peace keepers. Lovers of Canvas, lovers of Commerce. Chatter boxes and bargainers. Traders and Manipulators. All kinds. But there are the nice people…

Paintings diminish, Life is the Hero. Cats and dogs in harmony just beyond a red rug; softly munched biscuits shared by all species, even a now smiling – lone- artist at his sketch pad. 

Another reminder that Life is so much more than we know. Perhaps all these things we do, are just routes to better dimensions. When will we know for sure ?


You never know.

( * Names changed )



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6 responses to “You never know

  1. Interesting and totally different and was filled with lots of little little yet vital learning.

  2. Raj

    An insightful read on the way of knowing arts through life

  3. InnerDialect

    Heya 🙂

  4. yes its always better we never know…..else no charm in it or will be left with nothing to explore..

  5. InnerDialect

    Reblogged this on Innerdialect .

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