Now I know why God is ‘ unbelievable’


It is the greatest thing I have ever seen –  the amazing power of Your Grace to me…when I least deserved it. The greatest lesson I have been given is when I have never stooped to say I’m sorry ; is when I have turned away from a possible restoration ; when I have said, “Go away, don’t return” ; when I have preached and sung blue in the face about Grace, but could not give it to another in need ; when I have rebuked another, raving and ranting then  – uh – pausing to say ‘ never mind’ as if a favour bestowed and they shrank away from me ; 

the older I get the more I see how amazing it is : this Power of Grace. Maybe that is why people cannot understand His Love, the honesty of It looking us in the eye- reflecting all we are, and yet, without explanation, so utterly loved as if there were no case to inspect. As if we were worth it, as if nothing had changed, though yes we have, from deep within, but He doesn’t make an issue.

Yes, after all this time, am the more softened by these words, Amazing Grace.  help me


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