( Inspired by Susie M –  a woman of Light)https://www.facebook.com/notes/innerdialects/warmed/538878616207723


6 am this morning, I remembered

my father in law’s palm in mine, old paper-thin

but fire eyes, such fire it warmed the

coffee, misted the earth


mountains we thought we would climb when he got better.

He never walked that tall again, except in the words we shared

among his terraced roses and Ma’s pepper onion stews..

the spirit of man does not live in Stones

I saw eternity in Pa’s face, and hers’..

the year after they both moved on, our first little girl was born.

she too has their fire eyes… their way with heart and words like

embers in the cold dark,

” Ma !” 6 am this morning, she reminds me of warmth,

of why cold must visit an earth, lest we forget

what warmth was…is.

I am a slow starter, am not up first to fix the coffee..

my beloved does that…

misting mountains we climb as we get better, walking tall

in spite of chills, among terraced prayers and dreams

gardens we grow thru such days of healing

of words we stew, unsung, unheard – never wasted

the spirit of us fires the dark, lest we forget,

who we are, why we are


even here…



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2 responses to “Warmed

  1. Tears drip from my cheeks. If I inspired you to write this…. please take from me the light which guides your hand. Keep taking…. Such a beautiful image… even more (images) .. your words are brought to life, your palette full of loving kindness and your brush…. a fan brush. ah… so much love!!!!

  2. A very good write indeed. Very true, we are here with a great purpose to make this journey of life wonderful

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