Lights within


As I see these stunning pictures of Patterson’s ribbon installation : aural visual, every sensory at asking -grabbing pace, I can’t help recalling something that happened here :

Graced With Light by Anne Patterson

Graced With Light by Anne Patterson

Graced With Light by Anne Patterson

1,100 strands of ribbon, 86 feet in length,blue, green and red. They cascade from the cathedral’s attic. The first phase of “Graced With Light” was a March performance by cellist Joshua Roman, along with the unveiling of Patterson’s ribbon installation. The latter consisted of 632 86-foot strands of ribbon, each less than an inch wide, in three shades of blue and two shades of green.  

last night as we sat around our glass dining table, two layers of glass held on chrome feet ( a table that has travelled miles with us – even sat a while in a friend’s garage as we found our new home ; has survived three kids and their friends, a very active dog, has held dinner ware,books, papers,artwork,elbows,conversations, words, tears, silences, pregnant silences, time outs and leavings-off – meal-without dinner;

when you sit at a table like that- year beginning, to have a moment of appreciation with family, there is a lot going on. When it came to our youngest’s turn ( am grateful for the many miles he has covered except for his eyesight which is basic dim light perception; am sad too that he will perhaps not ever see these fabulous skies and light drenched noons, our crazy monsoons and even our faces) and yet here is what this 12-year-old said as we waited,

Thank you God for my Vision.”

His clear words hung fragile in our disbelieving ears – what Vision did blind eyes have ?

Took a moment to realise the significance of that word and how he had understood something we had instilled in him years ago when we first came to terms with this blunt word “BLIND”.  “We may not have sight son, but we can have Vision…”

Via vision, foresight .. goal destiny, ambition, so much has been accomplished over the years ; it is that incredible thing that reaches out from within, upward, through the chaos of delusion, discouragement, rage, destructive arguments /addictions ;

Vision, the ability to see the end of that tunnel, even if we cannot see the light. We will feel it, walk in its ways,  touch it, experience the fulfillment of dreams/goals/purpose ;

it is what makes champions , what ends war, what kills death ; it is that healing graceful thing that surpasses human knowledge and sometimes the poison of inertia. Or rather the paralysis it injects into Eyes that can see nothing good, arms that will do nothing, feet that refuse to go anywhere, the human heart that believes only the worst and will not stand tall to a challenge.

These Pictures I’ve uploaded are so beautiful and it is because someone was willing to give others a view of what she saw. If not it would just have been an unreachable dome.

That’s what Grace and Light does so well – reaching into places within I never knew were there  : reminding me there are things beyond what eye can see, what ear can tell, what has not entered the heart of man as yet –

that yes, there is more than all our visibility, what a relief to be reminded of that, and by a kid who really has no concept of  ” God ” yet…a blind little kid that never even saw visible Light.

Uh – Not yet


Thank you for reading this.


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  1. How insightful! Thank you! I am so glad I read this today!

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