First, daughters of India


…how did we get past that first hesitant walk across the floor and out the door

across the street, up flights of stairs you lead me up,’ Mama,’ you say, ‘relax, I’ll get you some tea,’ ;when did that happen ?

I take out old photographs, the baby in you never left, the woman inside arrives, reminding me of me – how do these mysteries unravel secrets

ageless, mankind’s legacy ; I am startled by the circle of endless love,life, that there can be so much beauty among everything else

Oh baby baby, as you grow I pray you will never forget beauty among everything else,

fourteen years with you, look how I’ve grown. You remind me of my identity, we are all- first, daughters…

apart, together..

love you forever,





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3 responses to “First, daughters of India

  1. You brought tears to my eyes…As a daughter and as a mother I will be someday I can feel these words! Beautifully written!

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