DEF-YD : No Illusions
Four years its taken us to get to this. Four years of experiences and experimentation and suffering and struggles and this is only 5/13th of the final product. I realize that’s a very vague fraction haha..but take this only as a teaser..this is a way for us to show you what we are and what we want to achieve and the way we want our music to affect and reach you. Its meant to be personal and its meant to bring out in you an emotion that only you can relate to.
So listen once, twice and even three times if you feel the compulsion and if you enjoy it..share it, tell your friends and we will be only grateful to your help in our long journey.
Thanks for reading..this is Defyd..the most important part of my life and my most cherished dream..

Top Post on IndiBloggerPREVIEW Release : DEF-YD is a leading progressive alternative rock band,Bangalore India.

“ I watch you from the heavens, searching for some sign of me, blood and  tears flowing in my name….” 


Blood- Iron softened Lyrics that would clear censor- scissors by miles, insane vocals and guitar/ Bass – drums, a certain sensitive- raw one does not expect from five  musicians in their early twenties. What startles is  to meet them in person, almost not- curt- enough  to create   ‘Abandoned ‘, ‘Faithless’ – maddening perfect Verse right thru’… Veils..

unadulterated Music Craft : these Tracks are Defyd’s reply to a Decade of Indifference to Pain ;

DEFYDThe band: Suhas – lead vocals, Rhythm guitars and lyrics Akash – backing vocals lead and rhythm guitars and lyrics Jeeva Sa – Lead Guitarist Meeth – Bassist Adhir – Drummer

the first time we met in a room : cables across the floor, tall , handsome , dark fire eyes pure cool in these Times of crimes we witness,  not devils in disguise... these here are Human beings at their best – Defyd…making a difference. No masks. How. Am asking.

Hey, if this is just a ‘ teaser’ Burnt between college hours and assoc. chaos 🙂  I can’t imagine what is yet to be. Honoured to know you Defyd, as family friends, as nephew  and as some of the finest guys we have ever met. Thank you for your exclusive brand of honest to goodness grace & guts to say it like it is.ENCORE!

 In an Age that is steadily running out of healing, may you always stay Unbroken.
their core influences are very Maynard centered, with bands like Tool, A Perfect Circle having a heavy influence in their lyrical style. Alter Bridge, Trivium, Machine Head, Karnivool are some of the other bands that these young men look up to. Def-yd :   Five young people that studied together at Christ College Bangalore, today  they are student/ professionals elsewhere & Defyd

 January 25
Yess !! The CDs are here !! Head over to Doff Pub Tomorrow to grab a copy for yourselves !! Oh.. also, a live gig with 6 other bands too !


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