Praying drives me crazy II

4 am day2

RN. Watercolour

“Rivers on bare heights,

Fountains in the valley

Pools at our wilderness

Springs of water in dry land .. “

I found Your Words yesterday ( Who thought they were as real ?)

quiet bold Visitors with my coffee

staring at me like flesh and bone in this heart

stone blunt mountain bare, cold bit valley knee-deep,

wild as I am, crashing pools &

mercy sprung fountains :  I made a deal with you God but

never expected such Reality

Your Words stalk me past  crookn’ pathways

wild-eyed bazaar,  beast ravaged territory, who exactly what are we

what are we when we have Words

as these ;

as These Your Words today like Rivers opened on bare heights,

 Fountains in the valley, Pools at my  wilderness

Springs of water in dry land .. ”




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2 responses to “Praying drives me crazy II

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  2. Kramer

    Beautiful painting and words – still trying to get my bearing with the words 🙂

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