Innersongs with Scott N.Loveall

InnerSongs - Scott N. Loveall
InnerSongs –In the Morning
In the morning
when the dew has had its cry
and shadows are rousing
dressing for first light.In the morning
when violet tugs at the sheets,
and the sugar dissolves
in the cream of your sky.In the morning
when horizons streak with traffic blood
and a sun breaks
like a yoke on a dirty plate.In the morning
when pastels have gone off to dream,
when greens take the floor,
and riots erupt in the glade.

In the morning
as ‘first breath’ breaks your dream,
and life waits to sing
this day’s song like no other.

 Scott N. Loveall

Heart of Hearts
in arms that want to hold you
love is priceless.
in the canyons of the heart
love runs blind,
senseless, invulnerable.
from the cradles that rock you
love is tender and fierce.
from the front lines that rock you
love is bulldog tough.
love is a conflict diamond
fought for, treasured.
love is a the final touch you know,
when the surgeon’s takes you under.
love is the squeeze
just before you reopen your eyes.
at the tattered curtain
love is the hand on your hip,
the flutter of wings
firmly held in the small of your back.
at the darkest and the brightest hour,
love is their tears, their joy
falling from the hearts of your own eyes.
© Scott N. Loveall –, 2014
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