Praying drives me crazy!


Vihann Noel Pictojournal 2012

Our Eyes meet like for the first time

but I had to  go blind;

Our Fingers touched when I

let go ;

Our Worlds meshed ; we talked

miles in Silence ;

It is so much easier to touch the visible

hold the tangible

trust the logical.

So much easier.

Is easier better ?

Is there the Invisible ?

The world that can only be met

in depths within ?

Aren’t there those in this room

besides me and mine :

angels, demons, laughter inside our throat

unheard :

virtual Acres being ploughed:

Promises unbroken,

Hope blazing, un-noticed

stubborn silent singing

Streams in that Desert ;

marigold fields tearing thru

sleepless suds of Earth, un-met

Clouds of fire, warm on 

Cold Shoulders – freezing

Mirth. Lord my

sweet Lord, if

this is blind – crazy,

and I am seeing

for the first time,

this is insanely…

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