What happens when you cannot see

2013-12-05 07.08.52 What if I really saw you  – here, here in my little street what if across a coffee you tell me – tell me everything,like it is – that Dante’s Inferno is real, what if –

you and I then walked thru Gethemane’s garden alone,  what if –  for one moment I could be Magdalene Mary – whoever that one was, waiting waiting and you said to her , ‘Woman..’

sometimes I wonder if I could, with you, take that trip  to the other hill where you and some went, uh -times like this, am scared to turn around, its like you ‘re here, about to actually talk back to me. To me! 

Far nicer to think easter bunny- good friday after service boiled red rice kanji and coconut chutney ma used to make for us as we thought about Calvary and rugged crosses safely far away on hills we will never climb,

how would I handle it if you sat across my cup of quiet time coffee and really talked back to me, when I start a prayer, ” Father…” and you went, ” Hmm ?”

thru eyes of faith


( From : What happens when you cannot see )




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