25 + Songwriters on the Art of Songwriting


What does it take to write a song ? Soul, Reggae, Contempo-Rock- Ballad- Inter-culture-street -jazz-blue-Indian-urban-black-white; from All time Greats to  New music, what goes into the making of this indefinable thing called a Song ?

1526082_719297838088927_463113779_n Vihan


“Odd for me to have to think about the process of a song.
The melody, the lyrics, the chords, the form?
Call me a nut, but thoughts in that direction drive me numb.
All I know is, the song starts, and it’s done.
I don’t write songs, I get them. I don’t plan chords, I feel them.
I don’t hum around, I recognize. I don’t play with arrangements, I realize.
Songs aren’t bound by mortality, nor let loose by eternity;
they sit deep in hearts whose home has room enough in it,
eventually eating into the other rooms, until the house is filled with it.
A song to me is a gift…

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