“In the shadow of the cross..”

(Picture Courtesy Dietmar Roller. MId East, Crisis Camp, this month)

As I look at these photographs, I see Love not war ;  the hands of a friend, a true friend.


I had said we would write a few words with these pictures of a relief camp this month, but words fail as silence tears me up. Under the picture below * run these  words “ No hope.” I asked, “Why?”

*This was the answer from Deitmar Roller , “.. because She has lost everything.”


Keine Hoffnung “No hope’ (Dietmar Roller)

We are 7 billion, we too have lost all if we have lost Voice.

If there is illness, should I now believe in  illness; if there is pain, must I forget there is Healing ? At what point in the coming days of our life, must we forget people outside our immediate families…

” These things happen,” we say now and then. ” What can one do ..?”

Perhaps there is more to do than we realise. There are people risking their own lives, to bring a meal, a box of medicare to people in crisis. Am personally taken aback by their goodness. Nothing startles me anymore, as much as Perfect Love that is willing to go the extra mile.

Am stunned at my own inability to do a thing besides this Post.

Thank you Dietmar Roller for the Photo-share.  To you and people like you,
Peace !



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