“Your love has set me free”

What was a scribbled page in a not so good Valentine’s Day turns Vlog ?!
“What on earth is a Vlog ?” I ask as she sends me her link.
” Oh it’s a blog with video… You didn’t know ?”
” Huhmphzxsged,” I reply. 1526082_719297838088927_463113779_n

What can you tell a 20 year that she doesn’t know already, what can you say about anything that you really know in a time that is falling off its ears and elbows, in a decade of rush and cool and chill and somber, oh and Professions that you must do, or else ! This Kid spends waking, sleeping moments in the one thing that obsesses her enough to at times turn my hair blue. ” Ma, all I want to do is music. ”

So we say yes. Uh. So, what are your plans.
“Hey, I have a gig.”

“Alright, that’s nice…”

Our little girl goes where all my guardian angels fear to tread, but not hers. What makes a musician : genes, training, talent, challenges, education- fatigue, a scream for freedom from norms, demands..? I’m asking, not just as a mom, but as a human. Am tiring, and very quickly, tiring of the sound of a loveless earth yelling for answers in ways that defies all.
Listen to this, the voice of a 20 year old – true love nothing less, and Vlogging on my blog page, she got the nerve but what if she hadn’t?! I like nerve. Like it when GenNext has guts to stand tall on a tough day and make it good.

Vihan Damaris

Your love has set me free..



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