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Thoughts, extracts, imagery expressed on this Blog are reflections of  life, home and heart, even  an earth of so many kinds of people and lives we try to live.

I believe the Arts are given to us to promote Life, not destroy it. 

I believe in a God who hears and sees, and that our gifts are given to bless others : besides that, I know so very little. Which is why am best described as a traveler, more than an artist in any genre.

Life is this Journey thru’ which we stumble on hidden treasure ; each other. The greatest gifts we have are human resource, friendships, people, other species, and the Creator of all.

I write about the things that silence. Startle. Or stun me into words as life draws me closer to the veil that separates this planet from eternity.

Thank you for being here, I would love to hear from you

God bless