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In an Age of Rude….

I get this !

Listen. watch when you can,

interview  shortly …





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First, daughters of India


…how did we get past that first hesitant walk across the floor and out the door

across the street, up flights of stairs you lead me up,’ Mama,’ you say, ‘relax, I’ll get you some tea,’ ;when did that happen ?

I take out old photographs, the baby in you never left, the woman inside arrives, reminding me of me – how do these mysteries unravel secrets

ageless, mankind’s legacy ; I am startled by the circle of endless love,life, that there can be so much beauty among everything else

Oh baby baby, as you grow I pray you will never forget beauty among everything else,

fourteen years with you, look how I’ve grown. You remind me of my identity, we are all- first, daughters…

apart, together..

love you forever,




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That Still Small Voice

Listen close your eyes for a minute
listen to your heart
that Still Small Voice
Be Still.

December Mindscapes. Tempera on Paper. RN

December Mindscapes RN


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A Song for Peace

A Song For Peace. Artist RNoel 24″x36″ Multi media

Pic Courtesy  Frank MinnuTop Post on IndiBlogger


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Google’s new baby & Scream


Fantastic new ideas via bored moments ?


they arrive  in frogs  ? (Kermit is this green guy here I just found on Google home page ?)

Dogs Snoopy,

Bears Winnie the Pooh,

Mice Jerry  ??

Cats (Tom)… never abort a fantastic bored moment, no matter-

how they arrive at you ..

raindrops on noses(roses 🙂 the song !)

bats(Batman),Spiders,Cinders(Cinderella) ?

and I wonder how Jaws and Jurassic Park were born..

what did the creator encounter, did they have a dream..


why  Edvard Munch painted ‘Scream’.. ?

( People look at Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” which went on display in Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) for a six-month exhibition in New York City. The Norwegian artist’s most famous motif, and one of the world’s most iconic paintings, sold for nearly $120 million at Sotheby’s auction house in May and is the only one of four versions that is in private hands. Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP. 

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Hanging out with ideas …

Plastic bottle sculpture

Plastic bottle sculpture (Photo credit: PurpleLorikeet)

Did nothing today ‘ creatively’,  in fact I did nothing, isn’t that a good thing ? Hung out with some nice people, no extraordinary talk, no earth shattering metaphysics! Just hung 🙂 What did they mean when they first coined ,” hanging out with … so and so..”

Like they hung laundry out and everyone sun-dried, together in a heap for company, or solitary.

I guess that’s the way good ideas  are born, ideas, innovation. Saw this pic  : and all from things that are old, dried, used, throw-aways. Goes to say ideas must be incubated, re- harnessed, used, re-cycled….. ?

Plastic bottle sculpture

Plastic bottle sculpture (Photo credit: PurpleLorikeet)

(Made out of used plastic bottles : obviously for the effect of this picture and recycling, but genuinity at its most lenient and sweet, Who could live here is a matter of concern, but you could hang out maybe:)


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Reality & U tube

(They said it was U Tube geek day, I checked but fell in here : See Homeless human slinky!

My impressions here, are  dedicated to house hunters and eco- victims! This is American TV at best, but blood still runs red mate, there are still things we all collectively need, regardless.  Human slinky blest by his struggles, must see….  below  )

Homelessness can teach you Extremes

how to use pain

contortions – as moves

how to dance in the streets

how to use your spine

how to use your naked hunger/ your Ouch factor

how to kneel, how to walk on arms….

You learn to control people who watch you;

Most people don’t embrace something, you got to

embrace something, to cry like that, to entertain like that

from the wrungs of your soul,

nothing less than your 100 percent dream- wrenchn’ soul- taking

time- to weep and change the way you smile, to never

stop being real…

Happy U tube geek day :)))))


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There are no words left

… so often, we are just a series of things

done wrong, dear God, a series

of things I could still do, if only

I could be a real human too

not just a man, or a woman,

but a real human, is hard ;

I have tried,will try again.

Sometimes when there are no words,

when we have broken

are broken,

we are most


The Right to Not Remain Silent.English: An ethnic Wife of Dhaneshwaran from t...

via The Right to Not Remain Silent.


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Voice Professionals

One of … or the most provocative questions I have been asked was this : “ If you could be a Voice for one section of your community, what would you choose ?”


Before I  could really speak , I was doing a little art and drama from the story books my ma read out to me, on a little island we were at, and some other equally fascinating places, exotic, dangerous. Dad was and is, a practical person with much philosophy. I lack the practical side, will rush into things with Emotional Fuel and can land in  trouble, even illness, from too many tears and sorrow, or anger at some lost cause or hurt thing. There was always way too much going on, too many people upset by too many things, whom could you go and speak for > there was also, always a rascal hidden in everything. Not every Cause even, is pure or untainted…which was why I so often revert to a piece of painting. Or words. Should that stop one …

The Question followed me over the years, “ Whom would you be a Voice for, if you had the opportunity?”


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The importance of “Awe ” in creative writing





Jason Silva

(AWE INSPIRING NARRATIVES : Documentary film maker Jason Silva believes in the importance of awe to inspire humans. ” As mankind, we think in narratives,” he says. “Narrative is needed for this,” he says, “to keep people dreaming.”)


The Importance of Awe – ?

Came across this  above Post (.. we need Sci – Fi ?, along with other headlines and that of the royal newborn … so yes, if you are living in a world inhabited by bored teens and equally bored adults and tweenies, you will get this.  

Charles Lorenzo's photo.

Viral Cat 🙂

I asked my 13-year-old,  ” What kind of story would you really like to read ? ” ( I am in the first draft of a manuscript for Scholastics, and needed help).  Our second daughter is 13 – going on 21, is outgrowing her first and second crush simultaneously, is consumed with interest in her impact on society, needs constant entertainment, is a gizmo- analyst and bored with the Education system, to say the least.

She looked at me with sudden interest and said, ” Ma, write about scary things. About things I do not know, have never met… that you can also fall in love with ….”

See ?Photo

So now I know how Sci-Fi is a boon to Movie makers, script writers.. it’s the secret of Harry Potter and Associates. If I go writing a book about Sweet Sally the saint do-gooder, she and I will be kicked face first in the heap of boring Les Forgettables. ( gut wrenching ear curling groan !) / and that narratives must must must not stop at anything but AWE.

 Which is why this gets my interest  ( The Importance of Awe), as I go for my drafts all over again…

Narrative Ecology Framework flashcards

( Page 1... erases  “..the nice sweet river  at the shore …

re writes ………  🙂 …

” The boatman had seven arms and  a smile that  …”  



Awe-inspiring narratives

Jason Silva

Documentary film maker Jason Silva believes in the importance of awe to inspire humans. ” As mankind, we think in narratives,” he says. “Narrative is needed for this,” he says, “to keep people dreaming.”

… science fiction is important for creating the very mindset needed to realise human potential and to come up with game-changing ideas – awe.  Silva, who hosts Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel, focuses on the power of awe to not only inspire us, but in changing the very chemistry of our brains – and come up with big ideas. He cites the work of psychologist Nicholas Humphrey, who says being awe-struck reconfigures the brain, giving us a sense of purpose which pushes us to strive.

Continue reading the main story it’s about changing the story we tell ourselves about the future”
Ed FinnArizona State University. Furthermore, throughout history narrative has been an important way through which humans realise their potential…..

The Borg Queen & Captain Janeway in Star Trek Voyager


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