In an Age of Rude….

I get this !

Listen. watch when you can,

interview  shortly …





2014 Year of Grace

Jan 2nd 2014.

Monday morning ( whoa I just wrote ‘Mon’ on a Thursdayyy hit me now like a wall but Vi’s  8 am sms flashed,’Hey Ma have a great day !’



19 years old, guitar strapped to her back the voice of an angel and dark velvet if she wishes. Who would think your kid could grow all up and do that between college hours and manic hours and rehearsals ;

Vihan  daybreak: Sanskrit /Damaris  gentleness,

is also ridiculous fun and so much more than can be said in a Page.(Last night one little firm smile- hug that swiped away my fury @ traffic & assoc. mutter ! Am more than impressed at a human who can do that and don’t tell me Teens & Moms are the sweetest things on earth forever given to Peace.. :)) 

Ah’m …when she was born and that first cry rocked the floor hospital Holy Family, Bandra – ‘ Dearest Lord God almighty, our baby she has leather lungs oh please make her gentle and mild, unlike me, make her like her daddy large doe eyes not my myopic ones, give her grace and gentleness ..”

HOW did she get to be as soft-spoken as she is today, hey how. Yeah yeah this one’s going over board- mommy – wild about daughter, I don’t care. For every time I’ve yelled at you Vi , for messy room and this and that, for times I’m  selfish down right dumb...

am here rambling splitting more than surprised grateful thinking :  may we all be as restored/surprised by things/ people we may have taken for granted ; may we be startled by the fantastic right in front of us. Earthling dearest may we never be bored, esp that 🙂

here’s to all musicians on earth that can tame mad mommas. Here’s to you Vi, thank you are such  2 little words. I’ve run out of balance again but hope you see this SMS of mine now ( sulkn momma smileth:))) What did I ever do so right ; dear God this must be Grace.. 

What Child is This Cover :  guitar and voice Vihan Damaris, Ebistudio

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That Still Small Voice

Listen close your eyes for a minute
listen to your heart
that Still Small Voice
Be Still.

December Mindscapes. Tempera on Paper. RN

December Mindscapes RN

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A Song for Peace

A Song For Peace. Artist RNoel 24″x36″ Multi media

Painting now at JanaGraha, BAngalore

Pic Courtesy  Frank MinnuTop Post on IndiBlogger

Hanging out with ideas …

Plastic bottle sculpture

Plastic bottle sculpture (Photo credit: PurpleLorikeet)

Did nothing today ‘ creatively’,  in fact I did nothing, isn’t that a good thing ? Hung out with some nice people, no extraordinary talk, no earth shattering metaphysics! Just hung 🙂 What did they mean when they first coined ,” hanging out with … so and so..”

Like they hung laundry out and everyone sun-dried, together in a heap for company, or solitary.

I guess that’s the way good ideas  are born, ideas, innovation. Saw this pic  : and all from things that are old, dried, used, throw-aways. Goes to say ideas must be incubated, re- harnessed, used, re-cycled….. ?

Plastic bottle sculpture

Plastic bottle sculpture (Photo credit: PurpleLorikeet)

(Made out of used plastic bottles : obviously for the effect of this picture and recycling, but genuinity at its most lenient and sweet, Who could live here is a matter of concern, but you could hang out maybe:)

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There are no words left

… so often, we are just a series of things

done wrong, dear God, a series

of things I could still do, if only

I could be a real human too

not just a man, or a woman,

but a real human, is hard ;

I have tried,will try again.

Sometimes when there are no words,

when we have broken

are broken,

we are most


The Right to Not Remain Silent.English: An ethnic Wife of Dhaneshwaran from t...

via The Right to Not Remain Silent.

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Can puppies, trees, unborn babies know they are loved ?


There should be at least ONE day / year dedicated to enjoying the Earth we have left.




Watch a Tree, a Sea. A sunrise, Eat in a field, walk bare feet again, hold hands with a puppy, or dolphin ( some  can ).  

I am called a Silly Romantic, but maybe that is my Call,  that is why i am visited by Squirrels and love birds. Lizards cluck at me and THRICE bees have built their Hive in our balcony.There are dying species all around, but this is the worst – that a person should have no Voice. No right to survive.


English: Present day Earth altimetry and bathy...




Bharatnatyam is done barefeet to emphasize connectivity to the earth




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